Silgranite too contemporary for older house with soapstone counte

needinfo1February 25, 2013

I've read so many threads here about people who just love their silgranite sinks (primarily in the darker colors). I am more of a white enamel cast iron girl myself as far as what is the feel and look for my kitchen. But, I am wondering about all of the people who keep on raving about anthracite (or maybe there are other colors that would work well with a greenish soapstone too) silgranite, and I wonder if it would be a good match for soapstone counters in a kitchen in a hundred year old house with a kind of vintage, period feel to it.

Thoughts? And, if you have photos you'd share, I'd love to see them. Thanks.

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You didn't mention if you wanted to do an undermount sink, apron front, or overmount? If you are going to do an undermount sink, it isn't really going to be period authentic anyway. Where are you drawing the line in your quest for vintage to balance form and function?
In my opinion with an undermount sink you really only see an interruption in the counter unless you are standing at the sink. So I think you want undermount, than you certainly can do a silgranite undermount. BTW I have Silgranite Biscuit- no staining I love it.
If you want a more true vintage look with similar undermount functionality I would probably do apron front, with negative or flush reveal.

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Yes, how to mount a sink is also something I've been debating. In many ways the newer undermount look screams more modern to me, yet I have been reading "Bungalow Kitchens" and according to the author an undermount is actually more period appropriate to the 1920s, 1930s (the era my cabinetry is from). If I did the apron front style, I probably wouldn't do it in silgranite; I'd do that in a different material.

My line as to form versus function is flexible. Even though I didn't want one for sylistic considerations because they aren't cute and period, I just bought a stainless all gas Wolf range. Function won out on that decision, but I don't also want to go completely down the slippery slope of making every decision purely on function.

Thanks for helping me to clarify some things.

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If I did the apron front style, I probably wouldn't do it in silgranite

You CANNOT do silgranit as they aren't made in the apron front style. I understand when you say you don't want to make every decision based on function. I'm much more a function first kinda gal so take that into account here. A sink is ALL about function to me. It's a hard working piece of equipment used dozens of times a day and is not something I want to baby. I was briefly swayed by the trendy beauty of a white apron front sink. (I know your decision is based on trying to keep a period look whereas I just have a boring 70s box for a house.). Then I woke up to how much work it would take to keep that white sink looking like a pretty white sink.

I love my two silgranits both for their awesome functionality and for their beauty. Sink choice is not where I'd let form rule because I spend too much time at the sinks and in that kitchen.

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We live in a 1915 brick and stucco tudor style house. We remodeled our kitchen a couple of years ago with off-white inset shaker cabinets, subway tiles and Dark Julia soapstone countertops (so, traditional look). We undermounted a 1-3/4 Silgranit anthracite sink and it looks great. I wanted the sink to "disappear" and that's what the dark sink in the dark soapstone does....Sorry--I'm not smart enough to do photos....

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vicki--Ours is 1916 brick and stucco but more of a prairie style. So, it is nice to hear that this look worked for you with your soapstone. And, you did an undermount. That was another question of mine......

breezy--I should have also included that if I am honest we are not neat freaks here (and my DH in particular is kind of a slob). With my current white enamel sink it is always easy to tell if it is grungy, and it is a lot of the time. I suppose the darker silgranite would hide that too.

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Cool. I didn't know undermount was around in the 20's and 30's. I love the stuff I learn on GW!
To add to Breezy's function comments, please consider your life style and all the users of the sink. I truly wanted a enamel cast iron sink, in fact I ordered one. It arrived broken and I took it as an omen that I needed to listen to the little voice in my head. That little voice was screaming that between my DH and my 2 DS's who cook up eggs and whatnot in heavy cast iron skillets the sink of my dreams would soon be chipped and I would be sad.

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We live in a 1920's house and the kitchen reno was largely designed to restore some vintage charm by undoing a bad 1990's renovation. Think of a nearly hundred year old lady dressed up like Courtney Love and you'll see what I was up against.

That said, we went with Silgranit in our main and prep sinks. I'm not doing a slavish restoration; just trying to establish a feeling. The sink is one of the biggest workhorses in the kitchen and I really believed in all the positive press on GW and my own experiences with fireclay - cracking all around the garbage disposal - and stainless - spotting and looking generally scummy since my 12 year old is not going to lovingly dry the sink after cleaning up from dinner. So far, I am thrilled with my choice.

Seriously, the other day my daughter said to me, "Do you think it's weird, Mom, that we're all 'fan-girling' on our new sinks?" Who would think that she likes scrubbing cookie sheets now since they lay flat in the sink and because she can pop them on the runnels to dry?

Oh, yeah. We're fan-girling.

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Our silgranite sink has only been in a couple weeks now, but I must say, when this reno is complete, it will definitely be a contender for best improvement category. Love, love love it! Anthracite under soapstone in a 1953 Ranch, with somewhat period correct knotty pine cabinets.

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As you can see, we have a pretty traditional setup - with a side spray and a skirted sink base, no less! This is the prep sink. Right now there isn't much going on over by the main super single.

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