Water rinse paint stripper? Ever heard of it????

heidibellsJune 1, 2008

I want to try it on our porch floor to get rid of the hundreds of layers of paint (looks something like a jaw-breaker) BUT...I can't remember what it was called.

I am going to Home Depot to see if they know what it is.

If I do find the product, has anyone here used it?

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If you mean SoyGel, then yes, I've used it. Home Depot doesn't sell it. You can buy it online from FranMar or the Real Milk Paint Co.

It works fine on most paints, providing you give it time to do the job. I think it's not so hot on calcimine, but then, what is? Since you're working on a floor, you can cover it with plastic wrap to keep it wet and working. You still have to scrape up the loosened paint to get it off, but then you rinse with water.

It's not ghastly to breathe like solvent based strippers, but I still handle it and the resulting goo with care - I use gloves and dispose of it carefully. IIRC, it has some spontaneous combustion possiblity on rags, so keep that in mind.

It's a bit pricier than the solvents, but I like that it's made from plants and doesn't kill off you lungs, so it's worth it for me.


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Soy Gel is one of the nontoxic paint strippers. There are others that are based on oranges. They all work quite well, won't hurt your lungs, and won't hurt the atmosphere either. Both were used in our house last year for stripping paint, old shiny shellac, and even old wood floor finish. Lovely results! Definitely worth the extra cost. You don't want that toxic stuff anywhere near your family.

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Plain water+scrub brush is great for calcimine.
"Peel Away Original" would also be pretty good for an exterior floor.

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