Funny-bunny use of words ...

joyfulguyFebruary 6, 2013

They were gathering in the activity room here at the library a few evenings ago for some games of euchre.

I went in and, with a straight face, asked whether one would call someone who plays euchre (pronounced "yoo-cur") ...

... a eucharist?

Folks said that they didn't think that to be true.

I said that I guess that one would call the gathering of euchre players a eucharist ... but they didn't think that'd work, either.

Some people can be difficult, at times.

ole joyful

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When I went to Bible study at church today ...

... I forgot to tell that story!

(For those of you unfamiliar with churchy talk ... the eucharist is another word for holy communion, the sharing of bread and wine (or grape juice, depending on the pedigree of the church that one attends).

Ours is a fairly open congregation - most of them would have got a kick out of hearing a gathering of card players called a "eucharist"!

ole joyfuelled

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Ole Joyful - I loved your 'eucharist' word play. You're just too clever for some of those folk.

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haha, love it.

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