How about: What NOT to buy?

OklaMoniFebruary 10, 2013

GE refrigerator, with the freezer on top, with only one temperature control!!!

DO NOT BUY THIS, even if it is just the small size you think you want.

The freezer is never cold enough for even ice cream, or the food on the top shelf in the fridge freezes, if you turn the temp low enough for the freezer.

and GE is giving me the run around... I only have a bit over a month left on the warranty.


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Would the give you a refund on a different model? I cannot imagine how they could make a product with one temp. control. Did you write to the CEO? I would (and have) letting him/her know of a very poor design feature. Be sure and document all your correspondence with GE.

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Thanks Marie, and DUH, I hadn't thought of an email. I am getting a royal run around via their customer service.

Need to bring the model number with me, next time I come to the library....


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Saw this on an appliance forum posted by an appliance repairman. "Friends don't let friends buy GE"

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Do not buy the Orgreenic fry pan, it sticks!

Sorry about your refrig Moni, I always thought GE was pretty good. Maybe not now.

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Where did you buy it? Have you gone to them, first?

We just had a problem with a 4-month old freezer (frigidaire) that we bought from Lowe's. We started with Lowe's--they sent a repair man out to 'look' at it. He said the compressor was shot, and the freezer would probably be replaced. Then Lowe's was him-hawing around, wanting to just repair the compressor. So I contacted Lowe's Corporate as well as Electrolux (parent company of Frigidaire). Took us about 3 weeks, but we did get the freezer replaced, at last.

I think, though, you should be starting with the store where you bought the item--they're the ones who are going to have to handle the replacement of the item.

However, if you get nowhere with the store or Ge, you should then contact your state's office of consumer affairs.

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Yup, GE puts out mostly carp these days, except (maybe) the very high end Monogram items. Friends don't let friends buy GE---that's funny, but true!

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Hi again OklaMoni,

I'm glad that the temp control isn't in the freezer compartment, when it won't keep ice cream, or I couldn't offer much of a helpful suggestion.

As it appears to be in the fridge part ...

... if you could remember to open the fridge door for about half of a minute ... every 10 - 20 min. or so ...

... that should help quite a bit.

(Or import some kids - they're good at opening fridge doors!) (Or, so I've heard - mine inhabit either side o' 50, these days, so they manage their own fridges - and no grandkids).

ole joyful

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We bought a GE washer one time and it wasn't worth the powder to blow it up with. Would never buy GE again.

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I bought Whirlpool stove and fridge last year on the advice of DS's friend who does appliance repair. I am very happy with them. When I moved here I bought Frigidaire washer and dryer on that same friend's advice. Happy with those also.

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I am still without a working modem. This time, I am at my daughters.

I just mailed a complaint off to GE.

I bought the unit at Home Depot. HD will not do anything because I did not buy their extended warranty.

HELLOOOO, I worked there. I know just how much that warranty pads their pockets!

They gave me the contact number for GE. I stayed home all day Saturday, to get the thermostat replaced.

Darn thing, didn't change anything.

I will give this till day after tomorrow to hear back from them. Then, I will call their 800 number again, and promise to post on social media about my problems with them.

Sooo, I will have two more days... with the fridge... and I hope, that my modem got delivered while I am here.


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This could be a problem with the fan not circulating the cold air adequately.

Have you tried the Appliance forum on GardenWeb?

Both our GE side-by-sides were bought in 2001 and work great. The condo has a 31" wide 20 cu ft. The one at home is a 42" Monogram. I'm sure there are more efficient models now, using less electricity.

I hate to have to buy any new appliances today. They're all made in China. The Maytag washer/dryer in the condo was among the last they made in Newton, Iowa. It's needed a timer replaced -- big whoop.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

my fridge is a GE profile and I have had amazing service from them. I had a problem with a part of the ice maker bin breaking off. I called and spoke to a very nice gal, she had a GE rep at my house the next day, he looked at it and immediately from my kitchen ordered a new ice maker bin and crusher assembly to be sent over night. He asked if I could put it in or did he need to come back, I just had to slide the old one out and put the new one in so sure I could do it. I got a call the next afternoon from that same gal asking if I got the package and was able to install it, well I didn't have it, she said it shows it was delivered, I went and checked my front door that no one uses and there it was! She stayed on the phone while I opened, inspected, and installed it. About a week later she called me to see if everything was ok, I said yes but for some reason sometimes the ice doesn't go through the crusher when I select crushed, but everything else was fine. She had me hang on, she came back and said I have the rep going to your house now can you be there, and I kid you not with in an hour or less the same guy was at my door! He checked it and found a little bump in the plastic that was causing the ice shoot door to not always lock into place to direct ice into the crusher. He also told me he had been called from headquarters to come to my house, he said you must know someone! I didn't, at all, and the next day another ice maker bin and crusher assembly was delivered to my house. She called again, I had it installed, all was good. Amazing .I now have 3 of them here and no more problems.
I actually have the gals direct number and email address, she gave me all of that, I will look for it and give it to you if I can find it.
I got mine at Lowes and did get the extended warranty. But it was still under GE. at the time.
I have had very good luck with GE appliances.

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Thanks for the offer of the number Raven... but since I went out last week and bought a new fridge/freezer combo "on sale", I have come to a different conclusion while I could not sleep.

I will take the fridge back to Home Depot on Monday. It is my day off, and I have all day! LOL

That is, if Mel can help me that day. I just emailed him, and asked him.

GE actually sent a person out quickly, but disregarded his opinion of the problem with my fridge.

They send a "senior technician" out next, but that person came an hour before I got off from work, and we never connected after that.

There were lots and lots of phone calls with the service center and with GE, that didn't amount to anything.

Then came Saturday, and me waiting here all day long... and the first fellow came back late in the afternoon and put in a new thermostat. Well, I still have the same problem.

I am tired of all that crap from them. I want my money back.


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I can't comment on any specific brands, because in Canada they may different suppliers.

But I do have a DO NOT BUY. Eggies. Those things to boil your eggs in.

I thought they would save me time when making egg salad sandwiches because I wouldn't have to let the eggs cool, then peel them. It is faster to crack an egg than let it cool and peel it, and also I was using literally fresh laid eggs which really like to hold on to their shell.

The first time I used them, they went into the garbage before they even had time to cool off.

Too many parts that get egg stuck on, the eggs don't want to come out of them, by the time the white was cooked the yolks were green, and they are flat on the top, so would be useless for devilled eggs.

Also, the slap chop (gift). I call it the "bash and mash" rofl! I waited an appropriate amount of time, then trashed it.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Here's something not to buy....non-fat / fat free cheese. DON'T BUY THAT STUFF. It's criminal.

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Oh, yuck to that fat-free cheese! Same for any baked goods NOT made with real butter -- and cheap "chocolate". I'd rather go without.

Let us know the next chapter in the fridge/freezer wars, Moni.

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I also remember the "friends don't let friends buy Ford" and a myriad of other names. For a long time there's been the anti-GE sentiment but I bought a GE frig and stove. Around $900 for both of them. They're both working flawlessly and are closing in on 10% of Joyful's 40 year frig life requirement! Plus for the cost, compared to what they cost years ago, I can replace them at 5 years and be on par with the amortized cost of use. Plus it's using noticeably less electricity than my old frig too which will also offset CoO figures. And if I had a 30-40 year old frig, I could probably pay for a new one just by electricity (/"hydro" for my Canucklebuddies) savings.

And for the ones who are so anti-GE, I'm curious - do you refuse to fly commercial airlines? Many planes use GE engines. I'll gamble that you don't even check on what you're flying! I think I'd be more concerned being 30,000 feet in the air than being in the house with something I don't trust the name.

GE has had times where they were extremely reliable. I have a 33+ year old GE washer that is still going strong. Never a repair. My sister's Maytag couldn't last that long and required several repairs as did her dryer. And they were the "Dependable Care" line, known for reliability. Maytag of course went way downhill and destroyed the company until Whirlpool essentially bought the name (the only value left) and made it a respectable name again.

The thing people don't understand about many companies, but appliances especially is you don't always know who makes what. People tout the "Kenmore" name. But Kenmore is not a manufacturer. They have their appliances made by a variety of companies, including GE, Whirlpool, Panasonic, LG and more. The GE Harmony is made by LG. Maytag, Amana, Inglis, Jenn-Air and a host of other names are made by Whirlpool.

There's a lot of things I won't buy. Tomato paste in a tube. What a rip-off! A tube is about the size of a can of tomato paste at 8-10 times the cost. I'll open a can, freeze the remainder or I'll toss it for the cost difference. I'll bet you don't get 8-10 uses out of a tube very often.

Most "As seen on TV" things, I won't buy. Granted there's a few things and some are OK. But just like my policy of email is false until proven true, the ASOTv has to convince me first. And I sure won't get sucked in on that "Free 2nd unit... just pay 2 times the cost of the unit in shipping and handling"!

Starbucks. Need I say more?

I believe most people spend way more on most appliances than they need to. For the average consumer and cheaper TV, refrigerator, computer, etc will serve the same purpose and last just as long and be just as reliable or better. My microwave cost me $20 and it works better than any of the expensive ones I had.

Stainless steel. For the people who want to look like a pro instead of cook like a pro. And I was reading a few months ago that the SS fad was wearing off. The new gimmick is stainless steel and white. And talk about ugly. But I'm sure lots of people will rush to the appliance store to spend $10k to replace perfectly good appliances to keep in fashion.

Funny thing on those "Eggies" thing is Grainlady has them and loves them. I didn't like the idea of 4 parts per unit to have to wash but she doesn't mind. She sprays them like you should and she has no problem with them sticking. She likes that she can add things to it and even scramble the eggs first.

More don't buys":
Cell phones for 6 year olds.
New cars for 16 year olds. Etc.
I try to avoid "one trick ponies" whenever I can, but I also avoid things that try to do everything but does nothing well. OK a can opener is one-trick exception and no, not with that useless bottle opener on the big name one. That's a joke. But a crock pot is a silly purchase when you can get a roaster oven that does so much more. Special chip clips? That's what clothespins are for.

I'm sure there's more specific things I'll come up with on what not to buy but basically this says it all: If you don't need it, or can use something in it's place, or already have a functioning one, or if you can borrow for an occasional need, don't buy it!

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Cynic and I agree about buying a 'basic' appliance when possible -- for half or a third of the cost of the Bells+Whistles one.

I passed on a heavily advertised $1000 front load washer in 2001. I bought a basic Frigidaire front load for a third of the price. OK, that one failed out of warranty and I'm on #2 -- but it's going strong. Who knows if the fancy one would not have failed by now too? I still have another $300 'in the bank' for a #3 Frigidaire.

I'm old enough to have paid someone to REMOVE stainless steel countertops and wall tiles from a kitchen. It 'reads' as grey to me.

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I had a GE fridge for my small spot and it lasted all of five years. The repairman came out several times, replaced this and that, then declared it dead since he couldn't get to the interior wiring. The idea that this behemoth went to the landfill is appalling to me.

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cynic, my unit is a bottom dollar bare basic unit. I don't see the need for all those bells and whistles.... it just needs to keep my milk cold, and my ice cream frozen. LOL

Oh, and letting water in the trays turn to ice in the summer would be awesome too.

I heard back from GE. They will NOT recommend money back for me.

Live sucks sometimes.


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Moni, sorry you're having troubles. Have you checked the seals on the freezer door? Done the "dollar bill test"? Feel for drafts with a wet hand? I'm wondering if you have a bad seal. That could easily cause the problem you're experiencing.

Good luck.

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