great flash sale for cooks

OklaMoniSeptember 2, 2012

Today's flash sale is great for cooks. Check it out.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Can't see without "joining the club"....and I'm not doing that! Someone wants to sell me something, I won't sign up to buy!

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Lindac, how DARE you insult one of our spammers.
I am aghast, (wink, wink).

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Moni is not a spammer, she's been on these forums for ages. She was well-intentioned, but did not anticipate Linda's objection.

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Ditto Sushipup. Moni is a long time forum member. I'm a member of 1saleaday. There are certainly some bargains to be had. I get their emails. They aren't a problem for me. Sometimes I look, sometimes I do not.

I looked at this set of bargains. Tempting but I am flat out of storage space!

Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Moni.


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I don't get their emails. I used to be signed up, but during the last long vacation I unsubscribed.

However, I look in daily when I can. I like sharing the good deals.

Yes, you have to sign in/up for flash deals. Never had any spam because of it. NEVER!

and, flash deals have no shipping cost!

Sorry to offend you Linda. Please disregard future posts about great cook oriented deals from me.


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OMG SPAMMER? You've got to be kidding me! LOL! At least I got a good laugh out of the deal! GAH!

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Thanks for the heads up Moni. I'm a sucker for those deals.

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Thanks for the link - I missed whatever the deal was yesterday, but signed up for the future.


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oklamoni, you should change you name to SpammerMoni! I can't believe someone thought you were a spammer, obviously they don't come around much. You've been a member since 2005...HELLO! HAHAHA!

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Moni...I wasn't saying you were a spammer...just that I couldn't see the link without joining....and I get easily 14 emails every day telling me about special deals....I could unsubscribe....but..How else would I know what books are cheap, how much off with no shipping I will get on nightwear, what new sock monkey toy is out there,....and what my favorite ebay sellers are offering?
And there is Woot!! and That Daily Deal, and what's on special at the wine store...and the coffee shop...
What is it on That Flash Sale? Food or kitchen equipment?

I wish etailers would realize that their sites would get a LOT more traffic if you didn't have to give your name and email before viewing their wares.

And lpod...a wise remark followed by a "wink" is no less offensive.

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Linda, there were some great cookware, blender, etc. deals on that day.

I didn't really think you called me a spammer, I just think it isn't a big deal, to sign up, to get in. HONEST.

And, I have been here longer than 2005. I used to be here as giantcycle99 (lived in OKC back then), then tahlequahgardens (while living in Tahlequah), and the last time I renewed back when this was a pay place, I came up with OklaMoni (this happened, while I lived in Tulsa Oklahoma). I am back in Oklahoma City, and as OklaMoni, fit in as long as I stay in Oklahoma. :)

Like I said, if you don't want to sign in, scroll on by.


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