It is still ok to throw things away...

concretenprimrosesMay 12, 2014

I found an old 1986 calendar and am using it again
I had saved two calendars that were put out by local artists - 1985 and 1986. I found them in a trunk with some other keepsakes while in the process of cleaning out a closet and getting rid of clothing. As I looked at the pages and admiring them I realized that the dates in May 1986 were the same as now!

Now I have to be careful not to see this a proof that I should never throw anything out!

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Hahaha! How strange! Are you going to save them for the next 28 years until the dates are the same again? You might want to do a little research on that artist too. You might have a treasure (either now or if you save them for the next 28 years :)
And yes...keepsakes are one thing, but if you have clothing you haven't worn in a year...time to donate it or throw it out. That is my rule anyway. Enjoy your calendars! That is SO cool!

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That's funny!

Yeah, try not to let this persuade you that it's worth holding on to stuff until it's useful again.

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My Mom did exactly that-she had bought a bunch of kitchen towel-calendars over the years, and carefully washed and stored them after the year was over. Of course they were meant to be used as dish towels, not to save for the next time that year calendar pattern comes around. She would hunt through her supply in January and see if she could re-use a calendar!

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I always reuse calendars. I have a collection of beautiful art calendars and I look up what I can use every year. Occasionally I buy a new one. This year, 2014, is the same as 1997 and 2003, so I had a choice of which one to use. John Singer Sargent won.
It's a complicated pattern. The 2014 year comes up again in 2025, but last year's comes again in 2019.

Here is a link that might be useful: calendar correlations

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I couldn't reuse a calendar because I only buy one, and I write all over it.

Having a single calendar to record things on is actually an organizing principle. One list, one address book, one calendar, one place to look.

I don't use calendars as decoration, and I don't use them just to hang on the wall so that I will be able to tell what the date is. Mine get scribbled all over.

Now, I did actually save the calendars as a scrapbook/family history thing. But I've found that I don't actually look at them, so I don't do it as much. (If someone ever wants to write a biography of anyone in my nuclear family, they will have spotty records.)

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I agree with Talley Sue. Our appointments, social events, and trips are on the calendar, along with reminders for birthdays, etc. At the end of the year, I transfer the annual things (birthdays, national craft show, time to get the car inspected) to the new calendar.

We only use one. We get a lot in the mail, but donate the others.

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Thanks for that calendar correlation site Christine. I have a few others that I saved for decoupage then didn't use for that. If any of them come up in the next two years I might keep them to use one more time.

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