'Accurate' porch on this 1914 House?

kdw72697June 5, 2012

Hi Old House Folks,

This Old House is up for sale in my area. I've always admired it when driving past, and my kids call it "the house with eyes".

I love the dual stone chimneys and the eyebrow windows, but there is something about the front porch that bugs me. It seems "off" somehow, like it was altered or added on at a later time.

Are any of you familiar with his type of architecture and able to venture a guess as to what the entryway might have looked like in 1914?


The shape of the house reminded me of a Sears House, The Hamilton:


It sure is tempting, although the many "surprises" it might have in its 100-year-old walls scare me...a little. I've survived one old house, not sure I could survive a BIGGER one! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: 1914 house with eyebrows

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I think it pretty easily could have looked like that although it may have also had a balustrade around the roof.

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On the porch roof I meant

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Hmmm, I can imagine that. Thanks!

Friends of ours lived here briefly years ago, so we've had the chance to peek inside. I don't know why they did not take listing pictures of the gorgeous original staircase, built-ins, trim, and fireplaces.

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