a sad example of poor organizing..

ronbreMay 4, 2009

well I was going through my garden seeds thinking..I'm sure I had spinach..but nope..so i started a search, I know there are more garden seeds here "somewhere".

Well i found a sterlite container..clear with a white top..the ones bigger than a shoebox..and it was stuffed full of OLD garden seeds..and I mean old..they were all dated from before our housefire in 2002.some as old as 1996..

so they had gotten misplaced after our housefire and never planted..

so what did i do..yup..went out with a claw an scratched in hundreds of OLD SEEDS into the ground..everything you could think of from radishes, and greens, to carrots and squashes and melongs..etc..i mean literally 30 or 40 seed packets or more ..

I know the chances of anything growing from those are slim to none..but what if they do grow !!! could you imagine how swamped i could be with food !

and yes..there were OLD spinach seeds..and i put them all in at once..am i crazy..no..just organizing.

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it will be fun to see what comes up, keep us posted !!!!!!!

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glad I'm not the only one who has done this is year! I couldn't find my seeds (from before the tree fell through the house!), and then I found them and I have done exactly the same as you! So far, forget-me-nots, lavender and impatients have sprouted - about twelve plants in all! Good luck with yours. Oh, and I have now re-organized my garden tool/plant area and know where everything is. So much better!

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Many "old" seeds are still viable. Put a few seeds on a damp paper towel and see what germinates. It won't be a total loss. I heard some seeds were buried with a dead pharoah in Egypt and were still viable after literally thousands of years. I keep my seeds in the refrigerator, in a plastic baggie. They last at least a year using this method. Hope this info helps!

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yeah I'll let you know what pops up..if anything..I knew about the paper towel thing..i just had hundreds of packets so i wasn't wanting to waste all the paper towels..tee hee..yeah I have a large piece of land..I can put in a lot of seeds..but if they all come up i'll be swamped with produce come about JULY !!

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Seeds are pretty amazing. They're a little bit like magic beans or something.

let us know. It could be really fun. Let's hope there weren't very many zucchini seeds in there .. . . . .

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oh yeah there are and they are not that old.

I don't understand the problems that people have with excess zucchini ! If you pick them small and even can pick them with the flowers still attached, or pick the flowers themselves and cook them..they are so great young and tender..why would anyone let them grow huge in the first place??? and they can be frozen for winter use

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I always kept mine in well sealed containers in the fridge from year to year and had a 95% germination rate.

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