Pot-filler on exterior wall?

seosmpFebruary 6, 2013


I currently have a pot-filler planned in my kitchen remodel. My cooktop, however, will be along an exterior wall.

I'm in the Chicago area where we have some pretty cold winters!

Does anyone here have a pot-filler installed along an exterior wall and live in a similar climate? If so, did you take special care in installing the piping? I've read a few suggestions on various forums, but I don't want to run any risk of freezing pipes!

My alternative is to install a deck-mounted pot-filler, but I'd prefer wall-mounted (simply for looks).


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We have ours on an exterior wall and we live in Cincinnati. I honestly don't remember what was done to prep for it but we have not had any issues and passed all of our plumbing inspections etc.

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You'd need to fur out the entire wall and install additional insulation. And then redo all of your window and door moldings on that wall to account for the extra thickness. Or do a "step back" where the cabinet wall joined the regular wall.

Or just do a deck mount.

Or skip it entirely. Most clients I've interviewed a year later after their projects have been complete don't really use it but a time or two. There are a couple that say they use it constantly, and for which the added expense and headaches would probably be worth it. Those are the ones who make their own stock, or simmer soups all day long, etc.

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Thanks for the replies!

You know how you get something set in your mind that you have to have it? Well, that's me with the pot-filler. I really think it makes a kitchen look high-end and would be good for resale. So I'll go with deck-mounted if I have to... but really like the look of the wall-mounted better.

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i dont have an answer to your question b/c we have our on an interior wall.

but i will say we use ours alot even after a year and half.

we use it of course to fill the pasta pot and for soups, but we also use when measuring water for recipes, as another water source in kitchen - we do not have prep sink.
i use it when cleaning the induction cooktop to wet my microfiber cloth.
we also installed a water filter to it in the crawl space and use it to fill our water jugs/bottles.

so for us, its literally used almost daily.

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Circus Peanut

No need to fur out walls; they make specialized pipe insulation for exactly these scenarios, and if your home is centrally heated you will likely never see a problem anyways.

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Around here (Ocean County, NJ), code dictates that any exterior walls with plumbing (not vents, but water-filled pipes) need to be 6" deep instead of 4" in order to allow for extra insulation. My DH was sad that he couldn't have his pot-filler in the wall, too.

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