removing old latex paint

jellybeank5June 3, 2009

Hi I am trying to remove latex paint from 7yr old maple cabinets with a chocolate brown glaze, I don't want to damage the glaze on the cabinets and have already tried goof off and good old fashion elbow grease. I really don't want to sand paper and then restain cabinets I'm just not that good to make it look good. I was the one that has repainted my kitchen and have just a big mess on the sides of these nice cabinets where they meet the wall, can anyone help?

Thankd Jellybean

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Try a plastic bread tie or a razor and be very gentle. If you have a steamer you might try steaming the area where the latex is stuck and then using a razor or plastic tie.

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Good Idea! Thanks

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Denatured alcohol and some non-woven abrasive pads should do the job.

Depending on what is on top of the glaze almost any method may cause some damage to the top layer of finish.

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Thanks guys for the followup I'm really in a mess now I did try the bread ties but it is too big an area, so I went to denatured alcohol which worked like a charm but now I've removed the top stain from my cabinets and have to decide what to do next I'm thinking, go to place where I got cabinets and see if they can get me the stain and then I can reapply it what do you think?

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