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2in9May 7, 2013

In my daughters room she has one of the storage things for under the bed two drawers in middle two shelves on sides top to bottom she just got a twin bed and it wont fit under it I need some ideas on how I can get her room better organized from how it is now for cheap or nothing. It has her bed, rubber maid tote as toy box, then dresser, play kitchen, the big long under bed thing, and the rest of her junk going threw it. On top of the storage thing she has a tv and some boxes but can be removed so far all I have for ideas is putting her kitchen on top, I just don't want things piled up any more and we don't have much room in there. I am going threw it here and there this week trying to get it together but not sure what to do any ideas would be great and feel free to ask any questions thanks for the help.

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You could raise the bed using bed risers or concrete blocks.

I don't know how old your daughter is, but children tend to transition through toys and clothing. It might be time to get rid of things that she doesn't use or wear any more.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bed risers

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What kind of doors does she have in her room? Those over the door shoe hangers are great for keeping lots of smaller items. I use one for crayons, magic markers, etc., but it would work well with toys, socks, underwear, etc.

Does she have wall space? Shelves could work for some of the items.

My kids were overrun with toys when they were little. Could you box some up and put them in storage to be switched out later?

Could you categorize the types of clutter. That might work to come up with some better ideas.

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