Sideways photos--UGH!

may_flowersFebruary 20, 2013

Can we help out those who are posting the sideways photos? Is this an iPad and/or phone problem or a GW problem? My techie DH has a long explanation with words like "auto-rotate" and "device-specific" which went right over my non-techie head.

I've been copying them and rotating them in my pictures, but that's getting old.

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It was explained to me one time that the sideways pictures are loaded from phones. If more and more people are uploading them from phones directly to GW, it would be nice if GW would install a way to turn them along with it. I find them really annoying too as I can't turn my computer screen easily.

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What seems odd to me is that if you click the sideways image in a thread, the actual photo is usually correctly oriented, but not always.

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I usually just rotate my monitor or my head :)

My experience with dealing with device photos is that short of importing them to a graphics program, or adding a function to the forum allowing a poster to rotate the photo post upload, dealing with rotated photos is a pain in the neck.

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Ain't that the truth!

I think we could wait forever for GW to come out of the Stone Age and add a function to rotate them. So the onus is on the iPadders and iPhoners to import their photos elsewhere first. Think they will?

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This would be less of an issue if everyone were reading on mobile devices that are easily rotated as needed. :)

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I wish I could figure out why when I upload images on my laptop they appear upside down in the thread. But if I read the thread on my iPad or iPhone the images are right side up. I use iPhoto to upload pics when using laptop. Go figure???

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