Mudroom alternative

pasmackMay 28, 2011

We are moving into a new home in which there is no mudroom--the only drawback. The garage opens onto the kitchen, as does a very large basement, and the laundry room. The garage has a keyless entry pad, so this might be the way in which my children go in and out of the house. There is a medium size foyer that I'd like to keep as clutter free as possible, and a small front porch.

Any ideas about alternatives to a mud room ( for children's shoes, balls, backpacks, umbrellas dog leash, etc)


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Well, I made a cabinet w/ locker-like cubbies, shelves for shoes, etc. And placed it by the door.

Sort of a mudroom-in-a-cabinet setup.

Hooks or shoe pockets on the side, etc.

You could do that in the garage.

I don't know there might be room for this along a wall shortly after you get inside the front door.

Remember also that you don't HAVE to put all the mudroom-type activities in the same place.

School backpacks, dog leashes, etc., can go in a "dry mudroom" inside; a row of hooks in the kitchen just inside the back door can hold coats if necessary; and boots, sports gear, etc., can go in the garage.

Whatever works in your house.

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When I was a kid, we had two entrances to our house. The front door, which only company used. And an entrance through the garage. It was a large garage, 2 and a half cars. (Now, no one owns a half-car). Mom had put a redwood bench in the garage, right near the door, which led to the kitchem. And a coat tree. And a shelf above the coat tree. As we went in and out, we'd sit on the bench. Boots were stored under the bench (she had a drip-tray for melting snow). coats on the coat tree. Mittens and hats on the shelf. Of course it depends on the configuration of each house.

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Lockers and coat hooks inside the garage, at the door into the kitchen.

Just grab some space.

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