Organizing the attic

harriethomeownerMay 15, 2008

This is a series that just started in the Washington Post (you have to register to read, but it's free).

There are some great pictures, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Organizing the attic

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Thanks! I'm trying to figure out how to convert our messy attic into a bedroom, and that article is right on target for me.

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Here's one nugget of wisdom from last week's episode:

"When we waded in, there was no order to my attic: Luggage was next to wrapping paper was next to linens was next to record albums was next to stock pots was next to more luggage and baby clothes and more linens.

"So the first step, Caitlin said, would be zoning: grouping similar things together so you know exactly what you have. Once everything had been grouped, we would tackle a different zone each week, cleaning out, donating and storing what's left.

"Caitlin said zoning is really the most important part of organizing. 'You cannot make a decision until you see it all together,' she said."

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My attic is such a mish-mosh. It started out organized, in zones. I had knitting books in one corner, holiday decorations in another, empty suitcases in the aisle. Then my two daughters started storing things up there. I've found Beanie Babies, Barbies, school books, even a flute (that cost us $300) up there, all jammed in.

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The project is now over half done. I thought some of you might like to check the progress made.


Here is a link that might be useful: Week 7 of Organizing the Attic

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Last night I started organizing a closet that has turned into a nightmare. Toys, clothing, scrappbooking stuff, cooking stuff, tax returns, Christmas decorations just piled in. I was actually looking for two items I think are stored in there. Some canned fruit and some plastic bubble bags. DH wants to use the bubble bags to ship stuff on Ebay. He is in the process of becoming an ebay seller. Impressive, huh? I thought I'd walk in and spot the fruit and the bubblebags. No luck. I ended up pulling about a quarter of the stuff out of the closet and setting on my family room floor.A a big bag went into the trash, it contained miscellaneous trashy papers and cotton stuffing from an old quilting project I did maybe 5 years ago. Now I'm one-quarter through with my project. This attic looks a lot like my closet. I think I'll try to keep going and this article is very inspiring to me! Thanks for posting the link!

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While I haven't read the whole article series, just want to ask: Does it address the heat and cold (Northeast)that happens in an attic and its effect on articles in storage? What should or should not be put in an attic?

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