Concrete Counter Tops

rae0101June 25, 2008

I've just gutted the kitchen, and trying to stay on a strict budget, I want to look into what it takes to pour concrete counter tops in place. Once concern I have is the weight. I don't know if concrete weighs more than granite, and I know that LOTS of old wood frame houses have granite counter tops. The house is solid, really sound. Does anyone know if there is any issue with the weight of the concrete? I'm just starting to search this, so if anybody has tips or has done it before, your expert advice would be appreciated!

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I've been told that concrete counter tops are MORE expensive than granite cause of the difficulty in getting the correct mix.

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Gramite is heavier than concrete by approximately 10%.

If you want to educate yourself on concrete counters, get a copy of the book "Concrete Countertops," by Cheng and Olsen. Cheng is one of the people responsible for the concrete countertop revolution and the book is very informative. It shows -- step-by-step -- what's involved in making them, and has a lot of great design ideas and photos.

Here is a link that might be useful: Concrete Countertops

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I know people who have them in their house. I think they look very nice. Also I don't think you have to worry about reinforcing your house, it is more about reinforcing the cabinets as they are not always designed to hold so much weight. If you do not do this the concrete would probably crack very quickly.

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Thanks kudzu9 and scryn! I searched Cheng and Olsen and found, in addition to the book, an instructional DVD. I've ordered it, and I'm really excited about learning the process and about the aesthetic possibilities. I hadn't thought about the issue of having to reinforce the cabinets. We're having those installed soon, so I will make certain to have that conversation with the cabinetmaker. Thanks again, and I'll post about how it goes.

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It is a unique look, but is porous. Depends on what you want.

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That's great. Good luck.

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According to my dh who makes concrete countertops;

re weight; if your cabinets are old and rickety you definitely have to reenforce them if going with concrete. however the weight of the concrete is spread out over the surface area so if they are in reasonable condition it shouldn't be a problem

re difficulty in getting the right mix; if it's being professionally made this is not an issue. we have formulas recorded to ensure the right mix.

re porous; the beauty of concrete is it's versatility, it can be rough and porous or as smooth as glass and completely impermeable and anything in between.

note that the high price of concrete countertops is due to the fact that it's relatively new, there are fewer tradesmen so the prices are at a premium.

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Here is a link on the Kitchen forum with some good discussion and info for you on concrete countertops. HTH

Here is a link that might be useful: Concrete countertops discussion

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