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Melissa HouserMay 20, 2010

I'm putting myself on a diet, per doctor's orders. I have to walk at least one hour a day (yes, I can work up to it) and he wants me to start losing weight immediately!

My question is this: What salad fixings do you in your fridge and how do you store them? I know I'll do better if they are pre-prepped and I can basically just grab and go. Any hints, thoughts, or radical ideas are welcome! :)

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Romaine lettuce - wash, drain, and store loosely in fridge in plastic grocery sack with a few paper towels.
Parmesean cheese - Buy the shredded kind in a plastic bag and keep in freezer.
Craisens - Store in bag they came in in pantry.
Meat - Use lunch meat or whatever leftover ham, turkey, or chicken. Cut up as needed.
Bacon - not healthy, but I love it. I've been microwaving a few slices at time as needed, but recently discovered I can buy the crumbles and eat less. I can keep the bag in the freezer.
Bell Peppers - I usually buy two or three colors at a time. I cut off what I need and core and seed the rest. Stick baggie in fridge with a paper towel.
Tomatoes - I buy cherry or grape so they don't go bad like the cut up ones do. I store on counter. My 6 yo usually eats the rest of the container before they go bad.
Cucumbers - My local store sells some small packs that are like 6 to a pack. I only cut up one as needed and store the rest in the fridge.
Mushrooms - Buy a pack of whole ones and open the plastic on top so they get air. Store in fridge.
Walnuts or almonds - store in freezer.

I use some of the same ingredients in my scrambled eggs in the morning. It's handy to have it all there ready to cook.
I use one whole egg and two egg whites to reduce the calories a bit.

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For eating "healthy", I think, access, access. Got to be where you can get it easier than something less good for you. Or if I still eat too much for dinner, at least I can say I ate 7 servings of fruits and vegetables! So I keep bowls of grapes and strawberries at edge of shelf. Also, for veggies, I do some for just snacking, and though I never could keep them good if cut up too long in advance, you can do enough for 2-3 days and also I make up mixed baggies--meaning, I get a bunch of radishes, a cuke or 2, pea pods, carrots, whatever, and after peeling or cleaning, put some of each in a zippy bag to grab and go,.
Lowfat string cheese works for me, too--it is a small portion but has some staying power to combine with fruit or veggie for a snack.

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The calories in salads come from the dressings you use, so go sparingly on them. A salad can have more calories than a full course meal if you don't watch what you put in them. Try a yougurt lemon juice and onion, garlic and celery salt or powder or vinegarette dressings. But salads are not always the way to go for weight loss especially if you are not very fond of them.

Whirl low fat cottage cheese in a blender and use it as a veggie dip. 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese has 90 calories and it has protein and calcium. When you feel hungry have a glass of skim milk--90 calories in an 8 oz. glass and again calcium and protein. Eat fruit and veggies as snacks too. If you eat little and often it is better than a full meal 3 times a day.

At meals have half the portion you would normally have and serve it on a small plate, so you don't feel deprived. Eat slowly so you savor every bite and it lasts longer--again so you don't feel deprived. Eat more chicken and fish than red meat. If you love sweets or have a particular favorite food, then treat yourself one day a week. You'd be surprised how you can avoid sweet things or that favorite if you have that one day to look forward to.

Know that losing weight and keeping it off requires a life style change in eating and exercise. Just dieting doesn't work. Your walks are a good start and eating healthy is another.

Good luck

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if you're a memeber of costco or sams you can get a veggie tray (about $11) toss the dip or give it away...dh then seperates the veggies into sandwich bags, he gets at least 5 bags for the week.

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