Timer recommendation?

postumMay 8, 2006

Well, that sounds like a lame question! I like to use a timer when I clean (and dh also has a habit of leaving the stove on) and I need a good timer - one that keeps on ringing until you turn it off. All the ones I have tried have broken after a few uses; the mechanical ones seem to give a very short ring and that's it.

So, any suggestions? Thank you!

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Our best place to buy one (other than the Flylady site) is a specialty kitchen store. Rather than going to someplace like Wal-Mart, go to your local cha-cha place and tell them what you are looking for in a timer. Bet they'll have one.


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Thanks! Is the Flylady timer a good one? What with gas prices I'd just as soon order online. Thanks a million!

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I've heard the Flylady timer is good. I wish I had gotten it in the first place, because I've had 2 that I haven't liked at all.

I love my timer and couldn't do without it!


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I ended up purchasing the Flylady timer after just not hearing the microwave or the simpler types. My friend later told me about the specialty kitchen shops.

I've had my timer for two years and it's stood up to all the kids, with only a minor twist of the spring clip to the back. The beep is very loud and while it doesn't ring forever, it chips for quite a bit of time before going off.

It was worth the investment. I like having the mailman hand me my purchases these days. Not because of gas costs, but I've just gotten so darn lazy. My mailman says I give him job security!


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I sort of like my RadioShack one, though I'm always dropping it and it pops open. It beeps until you turn it off.

I have one I bought at Williams-Sonoma, but the button to turn the beeper off is the small one, not the big one you use to start it.

The RadioShack one has a button that is either on, or off.

I want to invent one that's a little egg-shaped thing that hangs on a cord around your neck. You push the bottom in and turn it to tell how many minutes, then pull it out to turn it on (like a watch stem, or something). Once it beeps, you push it back to the neutral position.

this is the RadioShack one I sort of like --I liked the older version of this timer better, but something happened to it--I dropped it too many times, I think.

And I can't hear the microwave one, either--even if I'm in the next room! plus my microwave one, you have to push the start button **3** times, and I can't tell you the times the thing hasn't even started bcs I forgot.

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