It's official...we're joining the 'old house club'!!!

jiggreenJune 26, 2010

Our offer was accepted on a home that was built in 1814 (it was originally a tavern)..and the "addition" was built approximately 100 years later. We're very excited, and very nervous too!

The inspections will be next week, so I'm crossing my fingers that all goes well, or as well as can be hoped!

Parts of the home are still original to the 1814 tavern, logs and beams, some doors, hardware, moldings, staircase, banister and floors. Several years ago our local historical society went in and took pictures.

This is going to be an adventure, and I'm expecting the worst...but I fully expect it to be a labor of love and I'm anxious to start the journey!

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Congrats! We just bought a 1780 colonial in January in New Hampshire. It too had been a tavern and in the 1920's was a boarding house. We are finding that old houses are very interesting! Ours is post and beam and the attic looks like a huge barn. The basement has two large brick tunnels that are the support system for the 8 (yes 8 !) fireplaces. Obviously 8 weren't enough as a 9th has been built outside near the patio!!!

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jiggreen - I'm so excited for you! I loved your pics and can't wait to see more!

rafor - I'd love to see pics of yours, too! How big is it?

Oh the conversations your houses have heard! :)

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Hope that works. Only a 3 pics up. Trying to get more.

The house is about 3400 sq ft with an attached breezeway and 3 car garage. Originally there were several barns attached off the back, but we don't know when those were removed. We have seen old pics that still had them attached. And we can see the granite blocks still in the ground from the foundation.

Here is a link that might be useful: colonial

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Congratulations & welcome to the Club! It looks like a really nice house. I still want to see the inside of the summer kitchen when things calm down.

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Thanks everyone! I can't wait to get in and get my hands dirty!

The summer kitchen is in pretty primitive's basically the frame structure (which is in good condition)...there is a staircase inside which goes up at an enormously, dangerously steep angle to the second floor (we're thinking maybe the servants had to live up there?) We peeked under the staircase and it was wallpapered with newspaper...from 1915! I hope that's just the first of many interesting surprises we find :)

I took some pics inside summer kitchen...I will post them as soon as I get them off my camera. Life is chaotic right now with buying the new house, selling our current one..and also last week I found out my mom has a brain tumor :( I'm so glad that I have the endless possibilities of this new (to us!) old house to occupy my mind :)

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Oh, I forgot to say...

Rafor, I looked at the pictures of your home and it is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have "before" photos? (I need to be!)

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jiggreen, most of these pictures are the ones from the listing when it was for sale. Others are ones my daughter took right after we bought it. I didn't post all the pictures that just show tons of moving boxes in the way of everything!!! The house is in overall great shape. We are currently working on the electrical upgrades, considering replacing the old oil furnace and getting estimates for either repainting or residing. Now that the new lead paint rules are in effect, repainting is really expensive. Thought maybe residing with new clapboard might come out cheaper, but don't know yet. The windows also need some work. We'll just plod along knowing at least it's not a bottomless money pit!

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jiggreen: how do I see your pictures that someone else referenced? Thanks!

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Rafor, the pics are in this thread..

It's nowhere near as amazing as your home, but I hope one day to make it pretty darn nice also! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: thread with pictures

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