fniishing soffit boards

civ_IV_fanJune 10, 2012

this is my first time dealing with old soffits. this section was rotted out and had a squirrel nest. i bought some new t&g whitewood planks but the tongues and grooves weren't the same size as the old. in any case, i got it fit in decently (even if the tongues & grooves aren't all lined up) and am not sure about finishing.

i figured it was just brown paint, but my neighbor informed me that a special type of oil is used and that it ages to a dark brown color.

does anyone have any recommendations on finishing this patch?

also, i filled some minor gaps with expandable foam. i did this when i thought i'd be painting. should i take this out?

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If that was an oil, it would not be flaking off. If anything, it is probably a by now-ancient varnish applied when the house was new.
There is no way to successfully blend that damaged old finish into your new replacement boards.
The best thing would be to sand and scrape the crackly stuff from the old wood, then stain the new wood to match the patina, then spar varnish over the entire thing.
Maybe the foam wasn't a hot idea. For stain-grade work, you want very tight seams and perfectly-matched materials.
There's always the paint can...

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