Fivefootzero- belvedere questions

GWloloFebruary 19, 2013

Fivefootzero-we just had belvedere installed and DH and I love the gray natural look. So much so that we are thinking to not oil it and keep it au natural. I know you don't oil yours and wanted to ask how you keep it gray? What about oil splatters near the cooktop? Or occasional drops of something greasy? What about fingerprints? Just yesterday a friend was oohing and aching over the counters and petted it and there were fingerprints. Do you just leave it to fade or do you have a degreasing routine as opposed to a oiling routine? Is the stone evenly gray or do some areas naturally develop a naturally darker patina? Just want to understand what to expect if we do not oil.

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Hi GWlolo, obviously I'm not fivefootzero but I had asked the same question awhile back and fivefootzero had answered in that thread (the "can light soapstone *stay* light?" thread).

Hopefully these threads will help you and fivefootzero will give us updated pics of her fabulous counters (and bunnies).

"Could I keep the soapstone grey?"

"can light soapstone *stay* light?"

"if you don't oil your soapstone..."


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