Slow roasted beef ribs?

angelaidSeptember 7, 2012

Beef short ribs. All the recipes I've tried call for braising in a liquid. Can I just season and slow roast them (no BBQ sauce, no liquid)?

Cover or not?

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I think they will be tough and chewy without the braise. For six ribs, I usually toss a can of beer into a LC Dutch oven along with an onion and a few cloves of galic, S/P. 275-300 degrees for 3-4 hours. Covered. Wonderful.

/tricia (who often braises short ribs for the meat in chili)

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When sibs and cousins were all still at home, Dad, my Aunt, and one of her neighbors would periodically buy half a steer to stock freezer. Everything came neatly packages and labled and and short ribs were among these goodies. We'd brown them up really well, toss in lots of onions (maybe bell peppers, if available), and a big can of some kinda tomato product... sauce, puree, crushed, etc. Then just let it cook in oven till tender. It will take several hours & thinking it really needs some kinda liquid.

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My best advise: "SMOKE EM".
Or at least sear them and then 'slow cook em'.
There is a lot of 'collogen'(sp?)near the
bones. So, it requires a long, slow, cooking

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You could slow roast them, covered without any liquid, but you need SOME thing to keep them from turning into jerky.
Cover them with lots of onions and perhaps a thick layer os sliced tomatoes, but of garlic and some green peppers if you like.
In a covered pan that will provide enough moisture to prevent jerky from happening.
Give them a good dry rub with something flavorful and cover with veggies and there you go!
Linda C

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I agree Lindac, anything buryied under a ton of
onions has got to be absolutely 'ALLISIOUS'.
Dang, gittin darn near dinnertime, and I'm
starvin. Too late to fix short ribs.
Maybe I'll just have a mayter sangwich, with
a thin slice of garlic baloney/balogna.

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