What's for dinner Tuesday?

patti43February 26, 2013

Nice, rainy morning and now the sun is out. Tonight we're having smoked sausage with steamed cabbage and carrots. Not very exciting, but using vegetables that need used.

What are you having for dinner?

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Cold and very windy! Skipped water, glad I did, cause a pipe burst and they had to fill the pool with fresh water and it was cold. Glad I had planned yoga instead.

Joel's Home Cooking and had speckled butter beans, which I can't remember last time I had them. With meat loaf and french green bean casserole.

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It has been icy and rainy here most all day. Our supper is going to be, fried cod fish, homemade cheesy potatoes, coleslaw, Grand's honey butter biscuits, strawberries and bananas in strawberry glaze and iced tea.

Sue in Central Indiana

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It's been rainy and dreary here today. I've been having a day off goofing off all day, but I am going to make dinner tonight. We're having Egg Fu Yung and an egg roll.

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Cold and rainy here too. I made some 16 bean and turkey soup earlier so I could have something to take to work the next two days. Lauren is making baked brie, and baked goat cheese ....and baked baby Swiss because both the brie and goat cheese tasted awful before she put them in the filo dough...we're both hoping they are edible afterwards. She also made some cream cheese and raspberry filo roll thing...because she had leftover filo dough. There is also chicken breast thawing for her to make some chicken and alfredo stuff because she and
duray won't eat my soup.... which is yummy, by-the-way.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I am making blackened tilapia, corn on the cob, multi color fingerling potatoes oven roasted.

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I had to google speckled butter beans.......had never heard of them before. Would like to try them at least once.

I'm glad you got some rain, patti, I was in hopes I could send you the excess I'm getting.

The WalMart I go to listened to the many, many complaints and brought back Perdue chicken livers. They'd changed brands about a year ago.

So tonight I'm having chicken livers w/mushrooms, pan scalloped potatoes, and peas.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Salmon patties, homemade slaw, sauteed baby kale. I'll toast a roll under the broiler for Robert.

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gadgets, speckled butter beans are so good!

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My stomach is a little of today so all I have eaten today is graham crackers. Not really hungry but may have some more tea in a bit. Satine

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Had a late lunch today at Wonder Bagels. Had a everything bagel
With egg salad on it with hot tea and also dessert.....crumb cake.
Just had a greek yogurt peach for dinner.

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Glenda, that water must've been torture! Glad you chose yoga! I haven't had speckled butter beans since I was a kid. Wasn't there a song that mentioned speckled butter beans (years ago)?

Sue, that sure sounds good! I don't fry anymore and sometimes I sure do miss it. Glad you didn't have to get out on those icy roads.

Georgysmom, before I forget, thanks for the heads up on the oatmeal, but she didn't give up gluten for medical reasons--it's just in style right now to give it up. And she's eaten it here before, so I'm not going to worry too much about it.

Kathleen, your kitchen is on overload today! I think your soup sounds the best! It's great that Lauren is so handy in the kitchen. Good for you for teaching her!!

Raven, I've never tried those fingerlings--much less in color! Hope they're as good as they sound.

Shirley, those chicken livers sounds delicious. Do you just saute them?

Rhizo, kale is one of our favorites. It's so pretty and green when it's cooked. Salmon patties sound good too--and I think I have a couple in the freezer!!

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Satine, hope you feel better tomorrow. I had a "touch" of something last night which kept me awake most of the night. Okay today, though.

Clubm (I always want to call you Clubmed).:-) That sure was a nice lunch. I wouldn't be hungry, either.

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I knew I shouldn't have opened up this thread at 2:30 in the morning to read!
I get too hungry!

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