So now I'm the 'organized mom?'

quiltgloMay 17, 2006

Just back from a trip to Reno and was a bit suprised to hear one mother tell her dd to get scissors from the "organized mom." Four years ago that wouldn't have been me she was referring to, but my, how things have changed.

I can also see this as a problem I haven't dealt with before. Losing all of the items I thought ahead to bring because everyone else is "borrowing" them.

Even for the plane ride, I had to bite my tongue. Traveling with kids, it only made sense to me to bring water and some snacks since were on a total of four planes and peanuts don't cut it. But other moms were off running for the Starbucks and spending a fortune on sandwiches to take on the plane.

Obviously, I would have shared the food if the kids were really hungry, but I was beginning to feel like we were being taken advantage of if I mentioned that I came prepared.

Does anyone else get stuck in the role of "organized mom" and people come to expect you to be the ones to remember the extra pins, thread, scissors, tape, etc.?


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No kids here ---- BUT I do have the BIG purse AND a station wagon -- and yes -- I do seem to have things on hand --- especially when folks seem to need them .........(bandaids, various items like a measuring tape etc.)

And yes -- I take food and water on the plane --- and pack snacks for my DH when he travels ....... LOL!!

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I get that at work all the time. I'm the one with the scissors, mirror, white-out, etc. I get tired of it but it is kinda funny that they all come to me when they need stuff. They call me the organized one. It may help though since I'm up for a promotion.

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Happens to me all the time (sigh). Why don't people just get it? BTW, I am new to the board and have seen your posts just "jump out!" I love reading them! Glad to "meet you."


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well, I know why they don't "get it"--it ain't that easy to think of all the stuff you'll need, and carve out time to assemble it, etc.

It's easy to end up so focused on the most obvious stuff tha tyou forget the little extras--and they are sort of extra.

Gloria knows what an accomplishment it is, to be that "organied mom" in the group.

That means that the REST of her life runs smoothly, so she doesn't have to pack for her kids, run around cleaning at the last minute before the trip, etc. She has time in her schedule and space in her brain to figure out all those things she can bring to make life easier.

Or, it means she has organized her purse, overnight bag, etc., so that the useful little equipment is just always there.


And I know how you feel about worry that you'll end up WITHOUT the scissors because someone borrowed them. And yet, you can't really say "sorry, no you can't use them," can you?

But especially if you're equipped "kits" of stuff, it really is a worry that they'll end up incomplete, and you won't realize it until you're wanting yours scissors and they're not there.

I'm the medium-organized one, so I know what it's like to be in each camp. And those of us who didn't thinka bout bringing scissors on a trip to Reno are grateful to you, Gloria!

(but I'm actually most likely to be the "resourceful" one instead of the "organized" one; I'll find some OTHER way to cut through whatever it was that needed cutting, or some other place to borrow scissors, etc.)

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I am the mom that knows how to do everything.. fix a flat? .. running toilet?... breed snakes? ( kidding!).. I am also the one with snacks, sun screen and a change of clothes in her car ...heck I even had a diaper for a mom in our group the other day!>. my little one has been out of diapers for three years!.. It can be a chore but I sort ot get off on it... their sheepish looks are worth it :)

Maddie, who OBVIOUSLY has an evil side !

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I had to laugh at myself over this. As a kid, and somewhat even through my 20's I was the one always borrowing stuff I should have had. I'm a lot better these days, but not good enough to be called "the organized mom" even if I had kids. ;>

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I used to be "the organized mom" when my kids were little. I considered it a compliment when my kids' friends mothers would ask me to loan them cookie cutters, or whatever. I remember I had a diaper bag I kept in the car,long after my kids left the diaper stage,fully stocked with pop-up wipes, juice boxes, bandaids,sunblock, etc. I felt I was prepared for anything. Unfortunately, that was a long time ago, when I was younger and much more energenic.

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I always fly now with food. It's not only the cost of the airport food, but also the nonexistence of anything reasonably appetizing or healthy, short of a bagel with cream cheese (and who wants to pay THAT much for a bagel?)

The airlines give you nada now, so I will travel with water bottles, packs of cheez-n-crackers, and usually a couple of bananas.

My trip this past April, we got off of a 4 hour flight, and came to the baggage carousel. I stood next to a lady who was nearly ready to pass out from low blood sugar; I was able to give her a banana, to help her sugar recover quickly.

I just think nowadays, you just have no idea if you'll get anything to eat and if you end up with flight delays, your neighbors on the plane will probably want to pay you big money for your banana and crackers!!! LOL

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I am organized outside my home. But not inside. I have often been the one in the group with an extra juice box and snacks for the one who forgot. If the teacher asks every kid to bring a shoebox, I send 2. I'm the one with a change of clothes in the car to loan, a bandaid, and scissors, too (I have a Swiss knife on my key ring with scissors, nail file, screw driver and tweezers!) I don't go out with all the kids as often as I used to, now that most of them are in school. But when I did a lot of park days or day trips with 3-4 kid in tow, I had the sunscreen, the bugspray, the wipes. Now when I take them all to the neighborhood pool, I'm the mom the other moms send their kids to "Go see if Miss Stephanie has _____." I'm the one who takes on projects and pulls it off like I knew what I was doing (faked it good).

But, I have a secret side at home. I struggle to get the groceries put in the pantry the day I bring them home or to find matching socks when I need them. I lose my keys and debit card in the house. I put things in a safe place, then forget where I put them. Or I have to call my home phone from the cell phone to locate the cordless phone.

So I know I am capable, I just get easily distracted at home.

I'm just full of inconsistency.

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I once lost my car keys. Found them the next day in the lining of my coat. They fell thru a hole in the pocket. In the hours between, I went crazy, turned my house just aqbout upside down. I have one of those "clickers" that costs about $200 to replace.

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stephanie, you are very capable,and people are grateful. I was at the park with a grandchild this morning and some Mom had extra sunscreen, an extra banana. What an angel! I had to get on a plane and go home two hours later but she made it possible for me to spend the time swinging and talking with a 2 year old instead of having to go home and get sunscreen, etc.

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I don't have kiddos around any more, but I am still the "go-to" person. If I don't have what they need, I can figure out a way to "makedo". It makes me smile!! I work for a huge company, and most of the employees either call me Mom or Aunt Bee (from Mayberry)....apparently those are the two people who were the most organized!

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Quiltglo I have read your other posts and you are the organized mom and sound like the organized housekeeper also. Where do you get the energy?

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