The urge to purge with a splurge!

cube1067May 13, 2005

IÂve set aside the last two weeks in May for painting my two small bedrooms. I have been living in this house for 14 years and I realize now that each room is in some partial state of completion. IÂm tired of it! IÂm not trying to be a magazine layout though I am trying to add beauty and function. IÂm tired of the CHAOS Â which IÂm told stands for CanÂt Have Anyone Over Syndrome. And I seldom have people over now.

My MBR is the dumping ground for furniture that has no use elsewhere. My second bedroom is an office/reading room/ partial dumping ground. So my thoughts are to move everything out that wonÂt be staying in the two rooms, paint the two rooms, and then begin putting the stuff back where I want it.

A lot of work. ItÂs like IÂm "Clean House"ing myself. I hope my back holds out. I see this clean out as "temporary torture". IÂll live with boxes of stuff in the living room while I straighten out my bedrooms. IÂm not trying to get all things perfect in two weeks, but I want the painting done and I want to rearrange the furniture/decor pieces I already own. Then after the two weeks comes the fun part - I get to assess my furniture/rug needs and hit the stores/flea markets etc. I may try out selling my unwanted things on Ebay.

In October I hope to re-paint the living room!

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Good luck! I think it's a great idea to simply focus on one room, and power through.

Be ruthless, though--unwanted furniture needs to get out the fastest way possible. I suggest you consider just throwing stuff out, if that's what it takes.

Keeping it around to sell on eBay is just another way to make the house too messy for company!

My late-May-early-June is going to be spent finishing all the stupid kitchen details. Including (I hope) the backsplash.

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Since you are going through the tortue of cleaning out a room, why not do the save, throw out and donate exercise instead of just putting everything into the living room.

Unless you are talking about valuable collectibles, selling on EBAY is real time waster -- check the prices of finished auctions to determine what your stuff would realistically sell for and then factor in photographing, listing and packing -- especially difficult when you are dealing with items that might be broken and/or are otherwise not easy to pack.

Since you are talking about CHAOS, you are probably familiar with flylady as that is one of her signature terms. She has some great tips on decluttering -- I had to go through a major declutter of my CHAOS plus my mother's condo several years ago. I still have way too much stuff but at least it's hidden away, my space is usable and fairly aesthetic and I can work on it one small step at a time.

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So... May is over... were you ruthless? Do we get to see pictures of the rooms?

Maybe I should decide I need a big project to motivate myself. This piddly stuff is making me crazy!!!

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I do better on small piddly stuff than large projects. Did you get your rooms painted? I have been in my house for 4 years and have not gotten to the painting yet. The whole house is light off white and still looks ok, but would be great to freshen it up. It is time to clean the carpets, too, but we have had major wet rainy weather, and I don't think the carpets would ever dry right now! That will be a winter project I am sure. Post again soon about your progress!

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