Kitchen towel bar? Breezy, did you find one?

kfhlFebruary 13, 2013

I am looking for a towel bar to install on the front of my sink base. Similar to this pic, but in the kitchen.

I think I remember Breezy looking for something similar. Did you find one that works well?

Everything I find seems to be too deep. This one at Rejuvenation looks great in the pic, but it projects 3 3/8" from the face of the cabinet. That seems like it would be problematic. I would love to find something that projects about 2" - any ideas?
Thanks for your help.
This is where I will use it - not a great picture - sorry about that.

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I used a 12" Schaub pull for my DW so I could hang a towel on it. I think it is actually a fridge handle.

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I probably should have thought about that before I installed my dishwasher pulls... I can probably change them out if needed and repair the holes, but I'd like to avoid that if possible.

As an aside - your kitchen is a dream. I have followed along a bit with your journey and I just love the result. It is great to see a kitchen that is so beautiful without sacrificing any function. Enjoy!

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Thanks you! : )

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I put my double towel bar inside the door under the sink. It really isn't a problem to get it out, and it dries just fine under there. Just another option.

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sorry, nothing to offer, but just wondering, would too small a projection make the wet towel touch your cab doors? would that be potential for mold or possibly ruin the door finish?

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Ginny20 - I was thinking I might need to go with something like that, but I was worried that it would be too inconvenient. Glad to know it works well for you.

michoumonster - That is a very good point. I don't plan to keep a truly wet towel there - just damp from drying my hands while cooking. I wonder if keeping a damp towel there would hurt the finish? hmmm

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My cab guy said you do have to be careful about wet towels leaning against the cabs... Definitely can affect the finish.

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I second what Fishies said. I changed my plans on where to hang the towel and have decided to find something for the backsplash or on the counter. I saw my neighbor's new kitchen (new as of last year and the panel on the dishwasher where the wet towel hangs was decidedly looking worn and a bit shabby.

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I DO hang it on the DW panel but also have other spots as well. Also it's really not wet- maybe just used for drying hands and quick items. If it's really wet I hang it elsewhere.

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I have a lot of kitchen towels. I plan to get a electric towel warmer mounted on the wall (tiled) for wet towels before it goes to towel hamper

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I also put a drawer pull at the end of my island for towels. The space is 1.25''. I've had no problems with the finish, but again, I don't put super wet towels there either:

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Thanks for all of the input and pictures. It seems that towel placement is always a problem. I hang my wet towels in the laundry, but I really do want a place to hang a towel to dry my hands on in the kitchen. I definitely think the projection of a pull works better than a traditional towel bar, but I'm not sure that I will be able to find a finish to match my ORB Gilmore pulls. I was hoping maybe something from Rejuvenation would work as I have heard that their ORB finish is a good match to RH. Oh well. I guess I will live with my suction cup hook a little longer while I search for another solution.
As always GWers are fabulous! Really, where else would you find anyone to care enough to even reply to such a question :) Thanks again!

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In my yet to be renovated kitchen we use the handle on our oven.

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In my yet to be renovated kitchen we use the handle on our oven.

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My friend has an attractive alternative in her kitchen, but the layout is suited to it. There's a short piece of wall parallel to the sink base that is not in the kitchen proper, and she put up three perfectly straight cylindrical posts, they stick out from the wall about 3 or 4", I guess, and she hangs her towels on these. Like hooks, only straight. They look nice. But they're not in your view when you just look into the kitchen. Plus, this is the friend who makes the lovely white sheeting dish towels with embroidered trim. So they're pretty.

I keep towels hanging out of sight when I'm not cooking, and if need one while I'm cooking, I pull one out onto the counter so it's at hand.

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Hi! I've been avoiding the forum as the new format has me irked.

I haven't found a solution yet. I'm stuck on the projection issue. Most cab pulls don't have a deep enough projection to easily run a thicker kitchen towel back and forth. The couple that I have found are brushed nickel or brushed chrome, neither of which will blend well with my polished nickel pulls. On the other end of the spectrum, I've found some towel bars that would work aesthetically with my space, but the projections are too large to do well on the end of the island where I was planning the bar.

Currently, I'm using the 6" RH Aubrey pull on my garbage pullout as a towel bar. I'm using mostly flour sack towels now so the thinner towels are easier to pull on/take off than my thicker towels. I also worry about a damp towel hanging right on the painted cab surface. It's such a convenient spot though.

I may just stick with what I'm doing for now. I'm not sure. Sorry I wasn't any help!

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We used the Bistro pull from RH and it's worked well for us.

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Popping this up to the top because I've been thinking about where to put the towel. The dishwasher handle seems very convenient and I suspect the handle on the KA dishwasher I'm getting will be a nice size and shape.

But doesn't hanging the towel on the dishwasher handle mean that every time you open the dishwasher, the towel is dragging on the floor?

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My thoughts exactly as I hated that in my old kitchen. Watching for ideas. I did by some cool towel hooks from lee valley to put in the pantry. My DH uses a full size towel to ice his knee and wants to hang it up in the kitchen. I redirected him to the laundry room tub.
My new Boos mobile island has a towel bar on it but haven't used the towel function yet.
I have a drawer for my clean towels. For the few hand wash items, I use a dish towel to drain the items and do reuse the towel but slightly used towels live in a dish drainer(silgranite cascade basket) in a different cabinet.

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I put a 7"-long drawer pull on the sink cabinet door. It mounts on the door frame, and the recessed panel increases the clearance. The terry kitchen towel hanging there is so handy for wet hands, but it doesn't get wet enough to affect the oil-paint finish. (There is also a knob, because I don't like a centered horizontal pull on a door.)

The dish towel hangs on a hook across the room; I'd love to hang it from a pull on the other sink cab door, but the pull would be too low and the towel too long!

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Hafele makes a pull-out towel bar -- like a cabinet filler -- and we are going with that. If we hang a towel outside a cabinet, our four cats take it as in invitation to pull it off and drag it around the kitchen floor. So we just gave up.

Also, link below for Rev-A-Shelf's under sink pull out. My KD says it protects door finish and works well. But yeah, like my filler pull out, it's an extra step.

Here is a link that might be useful: Towel Pull Out

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