Inexpensive display to organize collection?

UAHMomMay 31, 2005

Have any of you seen an inexpensive display, such as an acrylic front shadow box, that could be used to display kids' collections of models? My son is looking for a way to display a Gundam models collection that will keep it from getting dusty, but he can't afford the $300+ display cases we've seen online. Any other ideas? Thanks!

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Do you live near a city big enough to have places that sell used store fixtures? We have several here in Minneapolis/St. Paul. They might be a good source of that kind of thing. Or an organize-it type of store. Or you could check out places that sell packaging; I know I've bought stuff in clear plastic boxes and you might be able to buy a small bunch.

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If he's willing to do some work in cardboard (Bainbridge board would be my vote) or in balsa wood or bass wood (available in precut strips from a craft store), he could use those acrylic box frames.

Box frames come in lots of sizes, and are available at most Wal-mart-type places or at Bed Bath & Beyond. For a larger size (this one is 11x14) he might have to mail-order.

He'd have to make a frame for it to slide around, and then make shelves for them to stand on--how thick are they? That might shoot the box-frame idea down. (or it might mean that he should check w/ a custom plastics fabricator, and see how much they'd charge for making a deeper version of it).

To cut bass wood, you use a fine-toothed saw by X-acto (a razor saw), which you can usually buy wherever the wood itself is sold.

Another idea is to buy a drawer box or some other wooden box and stand it on its side, then screw plexiglas to the top.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I found some unfinished box frames (with interior shelf) at Michael's this morning that may work for most of the collection. I'll also look into getting a large sheet of plexi for ds to attach to one of his bookcases for the larger items.

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