The Closet and the Purses

sapphire6917May 30, 2013

You would think these two would live happily ever after, right? Not so much. I'm having part of my attic converted into a walk-in closet and I cannot figure out a good way to store my purses. I don't need a whole lot of room, due to the type of purses that I have, but I haven't been able to find a good picture of purse storage in the closet. I'm having the shelves built soon so I need to be able to let the contractor know what to build.

Can anyone post pictures of good purse storage solutions?


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Are you on Pinterest? If you go there and search either "purse storage" or "handbag storage" you will get tons of images.

My suggestion would be to have the shelves be adjustable, so that if your storage needs change in the future, you aren't locked into a particular shelf height.

Then I'd measure the width of your widest bag--that's the depth at least one shelf will need to be. Then I'd line all the bags up, standing on their bottoms. Measure how much room they take up--2 feet? 6 feet? Whatever the number is, you will need at least that many feet of shelving, but a bit more if you plan on adding to your collection in the future.

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I have a walk in closet and the top shelf is very high. I need a step stool to get to the top. I store my purses with paper in them, in long plastic boxes and cover them with an old towel. I only use 2 or 3 of them so am thinking of getting rid of some. I found them on sale at Sears at the end of the season for $4 and $5. each. Couldn't resist buying a few.

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I only carry shoulder bags now. I don't like a clutch type purse,too easy to lose. I love having a shoulder strap. So all my bags have straps. I screwed cup hooks into the side wall of my bedroom closet and keep all my purses hanging. I don't own many purses. I prefer good quality leather bags.

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Thanks for the responses!

I am not on Pinterest but I will go and take a look! All of my purses have straps so I like the idea of hanging them but I also like the idea of having adjustable shelves. I'm hoping to find an inspiration pic that I can show my contractor and figure out how to modify it for my needs. I won't have a large space but it will be a dedicated space so, hopefully, I can make it really functional.

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I vote for bookcase-type adjustable shelves using the standards w/ the slots.

And something that ends up looking like this:


Make one set of the shelves only as wide as you need--see these narrow ones? You could make them even narrower (side to side).

Use these for maximum adjustability (and you can use 1/2-thick shelves, too)

Here's a slide show w/ some great ideas--look at slide #3 especially.

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Also--I knew before I even read your post that the marriage of the closet and the purses would not go smoothly. It never does. Contrary to all expectations--but that's how it happens. They don't really have as much in common as you'd think. Purses are too demanding, and the closet has a rigid personality and too many other obligations and responsibilities pulling at him.

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If you stuff your purses with tissue paper, they will sit up nicely and you can just line them up on a shelf: that's what I do. I save bubble wrap and other packing materials I might like from online purchases and stuff with that also.
I have some large purses and totes that go on a shelf I adjusted to be higher.

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Good point, talley_sue! I keep trying to force them together because they look so good together. I have seen it work, on occasion, but not without getting a professional involved.

I like the idea of using adjustable shelving. I have shoulder bags and arm bags and one small evening bag but they all have interchangeable shells that I need to store. I think I was trying a one-size-fits-all approach but I think if I accommodate the bags and shells separately, I can come up with something that will work quite nicely.

mitchdesj - Thank you! You just gave me a fantastic idea for using all of that packing material that arrives at my doorstep everyday!

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I know that I personally would hate to stuff the inside of the purse if it was one I thought I'd use very often. I just hate the extra level of fussing that comes with taking it out, putting it back, etc.

It reminds me a bit of the decorative pillows some people put on their beds.

I think the worst thing about those bed pillows is that you have to find someplace to put them while they're not "in use" (being decorative).

But at least w/ the packing material, you could simply put it back on the shelf (or in the pouch) where the purse itself is stored.

So maybe I should think of that as being like the plate dividers that I keep between my china plates. A minor level of fussing that preserves the quality of something I care about.

(and why am I bothering with this issue? I have one purse only. )

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Funny, tally_sue! I actually went from a virtual carry-on to a wristlet and now I'm back to a regular size purse. The problem is that I have more than one color in that size plus, I use a bigger size purse as my briefcase. Now, the briefcase will never have stuffing inside because it's always full. But, the other colors in the smaller size will be stuffed when not in use. That only leaves one set of stuffing to be fussed with at any given time.

As for the decorative pillows, I used to just throw them on the floor but now I have a chest at the foot of the bed for them to rest comfortably on!

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why dont u get the closest made in home

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The closet will be made in the attic of my home. I am looking for examples of built in storage for purses.


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One of the most clever purse storage ideas on Pinterest is the plastic magazine holder. Not good for extra large purses, but it would address the large and smaller bag.

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Thanks, lodalady! I'm going to look right now!

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