lindacSeptember 1, 2012

It's that time of the I bought a few ...let them sit on the counter for 2 days....then assumed the pose. You know standing over the sink, bent at the hips, so the dripping juice drips into the sink. drip!...Just sweet tasteless pulp.

do I not have the right variety? or the right store? Or are plums as I remember a thing of the past?

Linda C

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Must be the variety. Or picked too early but local plums have been around here since June. I like Santa Rosas. I used to have a tree but it was planted in a bad spot and made a huge mess because I couldn't keep up with the yield. Sadly I had it removed.

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Don't know the name of the variety but I like the Italian oval plums rather than the large round ones.


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Neighbor's plum tree is done for the year.....darn it!

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Growing up, my parents had a plum tree next to the
driveway, that had the most incredible plums. They
were yellow, and the size of large golf balls,
(if there is such a thing as large golf balls).
They were so sweet and delicious. To this day, I
have never seen anything on the market to compare.
We also had a couple of trees of the oval, purple
plums, but they were always full of worms, even
though we sprayed them with what would now be
considered to be 'highly toxic' chemicals.

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We also had a plum tree, but no pollinator, LOL, so no plums. It was in an inconvenient place, right next to my garden, so we cut it down for firewood last year.

Plums locally are generally sweet and juicy and come in red, purple/blue and yellow, depending on variety. This year there are none due to the early frost and everything I've gotten at the store has been just as LindaC described, sweet and soft but not flavorful or juicy.

Perhaps they don't ship well.....


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This has made me hungry for that Summer Torte with plums. Will have to get some at the farmer's market this Sunday. So far, we've only had a few to eat out of hand. I love plums. Actually, I love most fruits. I just finished a large bunch of those big red grapes w/seeds - love those too.


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I really had to chuckle at " the position" because that is exactly the way I eat plums. The ones in the grocsery store, Publix, have been nice Good luck on your next purchases.

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