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bungalow_houseJune 3, 2008

I would like to put ceiling fans in our 3 bedrooms. I have seen restored antique ceiling way I can afford that, but they have pretty much ruined me for anything I can find at Lowe's/Home Depot. Yet, it's going to get hot soon (well, Maine hot), and I hate window air conditioners even more, so I'm going to have to find the least-offensive-to-an-old-house new ceiling fan that I can.

Any suggestions?


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You didn't say how old your house is or what style/period you're interested in-?
I had the same dilemma last summer. My husband suggested a ceiling fan for a room in the 1926 addition to our 1890's house, and I wasn't thrilled with the idea at first. I looked online at every dang ceiling fan available on the planet it seemed, and while I saw a few expensive period looking ones that fit my idea of what it should look like, they were way beyond the budget. I really hated just about everything else I saw! But...on a shopping trip to one of the big boxes for something else entirely I happened upon one that was acceptable, and was within our budget. It's not ideal, but it has a bit of a 1930's look to it, at least to my eyes, more so than anything else I looked at. I can live with it, and we made up for it later by buying a lovely vintage light fixture on ebay for a more prominent location in the house, anyway--I can't say I'm unhappy with the way it all turned out. I took the following picture right after installation, so the unfinished patch from where the old light fixture was is visible:

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You're screen name is 'bungalow house' so of course you're looking for something appropriate to a bungalow! I got so fixated on the title of your post I missed your name!

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I got plain white Hunter fans from Lowes with the wooden blades and plain rounded schoolhouse looking light. We have 12 foot ceilings that are white and I think they look great and very period. They really disappear with the white ceiling high up there. c

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I live in South Carolina, so not only do we have central air, but we have ceiling fans in most rooms as well. I love them. They save money, keep you cool, and look great, too. I couldn't find much at the big boxes for my 1889 house. I don't remember where I ordered them from now, but I googled victorian style ceiling fans and such until I found an online retailer that sold lots of different brands. It was a lighting store. It took me a while, but I picked out what I wanted for each room and ordered them. Everything arrived just as I had ordered.

By the way, with high ceilings, ceiling fans help with heating in the winter, too.

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