Wedge-shaped bins

quiltgloMay 11, 2006

There were in a catalog, so I haven't researched if someone else has them at a cheaper price. My corner lazy susans are very large, but I remember when I had ones in upper cabinet and they were not all that deep. I think a set or two of these would have been very useful.


Here is a link that might be useful: bins at the paraon catalog

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I agree with you quiltglo. Although I don't currently own a corner lazy susan, if I did, I would consider these. What I do have is a collection of several sets of old glass pie shaped refridgerator jars on their own lazy susan, which fit in my fridge or on my dining room table. They make a lot of sense for saving space, and the LS is great for seeing what you have. I usually transfer jam/jelly, pickle relish, peanut butter or things like coleslaw, salad, etc. into these jars. Condiments take the most amount of room in my valuable cold storage real estate.

If you get these, please come back and tell us how you liked them. If have a feeling you will!

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I would buy those if I had a corner cupboard. The look like they would be worth the cost.

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