What's f0r dinner Sunday?

patti43February 10, 2013

We're having s0me 0f the left0ver Hawaiian meatballs and rice t0night. My darned "0" letter is driving my crazy! D0n't kn0w what else we'll have. Maybe hard r0lls.

What are y0u having t0night?

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Mama Goldbergs for my usual: bologna with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, mayo and mustard on rye, plus sun chips

Dark dark afternoon with thunderstorms. Sounds like time for a nap!

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I think I'm going to try to lighten up a version of shrimp scampi.

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I have a pizza in the freezer I'm going to cook in a few min.

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I had a cup of great northern beans topped with diced raw onions. Fixed a one-egg, plain omelette for protein.

I hope you get your 'o' fixed soon. Whenever something like this happens, it seems like whatever letter goes bad is used the most often, doesn't it?


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I'm making the Wendy's red chili recipe using diced pork. It's an experiment... :0) Figure if it turns out weird I can smother it in grated cheese and no one will notice. LOL

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Glenda, it's been 0vercast all day here, but n0 rain. A nap s0unds like a g00d idea.

Ge0rgysm0m, I saw a recipe f0r shrimp scampi 0n Pinterest t0day that s0unded really g00d, but definitely n0t a light versi0n! Let us kn0w h0w it was.

Shirley, we always have t0 have raw 0ni0n 0n beans. I just depend 0n the beans f0r pr0tein. I'm h0ping Raven can help with my "0" pr0blem. Guess I sh0uld ask 0n the C0mupter F0rum.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

It's a gloomy cool day drizzling so I loaded up the Aroma cooker with my chili and man it's smelling great.

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Pork enchiladas here....smells lovely. I had done the pork in the crockpot a few days ago, and then froze it until today.

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I fixed homemade vegetable soup this afternoon. 45 minutes after I told my husband his food was on the table he got up to eat. I came upstairs and when I went back down. It was still setting there along with his cherry pie. He went into town and bought himself something to eat. I have decided I may not cook for him again as he wastes so much food.

Sue, who is not happy.

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We had spaareribs, corn and bread. Good.

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we had grilled pork chops and fried potatoes

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Patti, what I did was cook six large cloves of minced garlic with the shrimp in 2 tsp. butter and 2 tsp. olive oil. then I added about 1 C white wine, some chopped parsley, the juice of 1/2 lemon, some sea salt and freshly ground pepper. When the spaghetti was done, I added a couple of large spoonfuls of pasta water and tossed the pasta in with everything. Meanwhile, I melted 1 T. butter with 1 grated garlic clove in the microwave, just until the garlic became fragrant and when I plated the pasta, I topped with the melted butter. (DH got most of that) That way the garlic butter taste was very present. It was very good. Not as good mind you as it would have been if I had used two sticks of butter, or even one, but so much healthier and lower in calories.It's better than doing without!

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J0ann, thanks f0r the reminder--I have left0ver pizza in the freezer! Enj0y!

Nic0le, let us kn0w h0w the chili turns 0ut. I have a l0t 0f p0rk in the freezer, als0.

Raven, y0u sure are making g00d use 0f y0ur Ar0ma c00ker. I sh0uld l00k at them a little m0re.

Phyllis, all I can say is Yum!! I'll have t0 l00k f0r a recipe unless y0u'd like t0 share. Have y0u made them bef0re?

Sue, I'd be highly insulted if Harry did that. Vegetable s0up isn't s0mething y0u just thr0w in a p0t. Takes a l0t of ch0pping. And cherry pie?? Well, just send me his piece. ;-) It's my fav0rite.

Pam, I bet that was g00d. I have l0ts 0f ribs in the freezer.

Bengardening, girl, what I w0uldn't d0 f0r a big pan full 0f fried p0tates. Enj0y them f0r me!

Ge0rgysm0m, thanks f0r sharing--c0pied and pasted it int0 my seaf00d recipe file. L0ve all that garlic!

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Lots of yummy sounding dinners! We're eating late tonight. DH made pizza, and there is pound cake for dessert later.

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I don't think anyone reads this the next day, but I post anyway, lol.
We ordered Chinese which was fitting since yesterday was Chinese New Year! One Chicken Chow Mein and one Pork Chow Mein, white rice, eggrolls. Very good.

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hellion: If someone has posted after midnight, I still open it the next day to read. ; * ) So post away, I'll read it.


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