after market lazy susan install

pinch_meFebruary 26, 2011

I'm in the midst of the dreaded lazy susan choice. Little did I know until today that a 32 inch susan has to be put in before the counter so a heads up for anyone thinking about doing that. I have two paper circles cut out trying to decide the size and shape that will give me the most space. I will waste no matter what I do but at least I'll be able to access my stuff!

What a PITA!

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Just curious, what do you do then if it breaks? They can't seriously think you are going to remove the countertop.

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You can get a tad more clearance if you remove your cabinet door along with the hinge itself.

A broken one can be cut up while still in the cabinet and removed piecemeal. However, the large ones can't be replaced again.

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I didn't get susans when I ordered cabinets. I have had them and really didn't want them again. The cabinets I bought had shelves. In hindsight, not a good idea. So now I'm buying after market susans. I've already put them in the uppers, like them OK, so the bottom is next. I bought 24 inch but they are smaller than they would need to be so now I'm looking at 28 inch. I have a 20% coupon which helps a lot!

Here is a link that might be useful: probably this one

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Pinch: Have you thought about doing separate susans on the shelves already in there...effectively a super susan? I'm not sure that you can get them in, but I think if you can the 28' one on a pole that you're looking at, you can do a 28" one on two shelves. They are a WHOLE lot sturdier and since you will have excess space around the circular susan shelf, you may actually be able to use some of it.

I just googled super susan images and got pics of several. I know that RevA Shelf sells them (just ordered mine, in fact) and I belive there are other companies that do as well.


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Yes, that's the kind I have in one set of uppers. The thing I don't like about the susans that set on the existing shelves is how tall they are. I have 3. It took a lot of verticle space.

My bottom shelves aren't all one piece; they're two pieces installed cris-cross on top of each other making the floor of the shelf two different heights. I've moved them to almost every available hole - And THAT was a PITA!! Back to crawling all the way inside the cabinet just like I used to have to do to get stuff out of the old cupboard! And those shelves are heavy! I would not be able to do it in a few years. I hardly bend enough to fit in there now!

I think there will be space on the bottom (floor) where I can put a few things like I did on the upper that has the individual susans.

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Argh! Kitchen renovation confusion!!

I watched Kitchen Impossible this morning on DIY and there was a commercial about how to install a lazy susan into existing cabinets - the shelf and doors were removed, the lazy susan shelves cut to size, installed on the spinning pole thingy, and then doors reinstalled.

Is it not so cut and dried?

Pinch me, after your advice of installing after cabinets, I did find out the cabinets are much less expensive if the lazy susans are purchased by me and installed after the fact. Now I'm a little bummed and confused. I'm fine with the idea of pull out shelves in all but the corner cabinets.

I've looked at the Rev-a-Shelf site - are all of those lazy susans for installation by cabinet makers? there has to be a way...

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"the lazy susan shelves cut to size"

Hmm. NOt sure why you'd have to cut them to size. Just buy the size you need. Anyone can put them in. It's just a pole and shelves and the thingy to keep the shelves in position. Oh, and some screws in the top and bottom to hold everything in place.

You can buy the lazy susans everywhere. Want my list from where I looked today? I'm about ready to get mine at overstock. What door design are you getting? My tops are diagonal but my bottoms are hinged in the center.

I'm sure the reason the larger susans need to go in first is because of the size of the pole/shelf, door opening, interior size of cabinet. You need manuever room. For the 32 and 36 it would be slick to just drop it straight down into the cabinet before counter top. Trying to get it inside the cabinet through the door and then assembled would be impossible.

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Oh! I see the problem. It's not because it can't be done, it's because once the counter is installed, there is no room to put the shelves in and on the pole - it makes sense now!

And I would love to have the list of the places you've found in your research.

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