need a smallish exterior door

screamerJune 9, 2008

Hi all, new member here:

Brick Tudor Home was built in 1930. The entry door on rear of garage just gave up / deteriorated. It measures 32 x 76. Todays standard door is 30, 32, 34,... x 80. Any ideas how to get a door for this opening? I can't widen the opening since it's made of fieldstone & brick.


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Sounds like its' also time for a new door jamb as well. Check it out.
Anyway the door size you need is 32 x 76. Your local lumber yard can order that exact size for you. I order odd sizes all the time or cut them down myself.
This may not be a DIY job. You might need a carpenter. But the whole thing is doable.

Good Luck

The PorchGuy

Here is a link that might be useful: My Album

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Architectural salvage is a potential option, too... many of the doors at the local places are oddly sized. You can find doors that have peely scroungy paint but are still rock solid beneath, and suit the architecture of the house (so it's a back door to a garage, there's no reason why it shouldn't fit stylistically!).

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Summertime means garage cleanouts are here. Keep a tape measure in the car and shop the curbs, you might luck out.
Another option is to see if your area has a architectural salvage group, not for profit. They often remove stuff like that from houses that will be torn down and sell them dirt cheap a few times a year.
Craigslist and Freecycle are two other options.

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You'll never get this size door 'off the shelf', but it can be custom ordered at about any "real" lumberyard.

Salvage, as has been mentioned, is another option.

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Most wooden doors can be cut down several inches. Check manufacturers websites of different brands to find one that can be cut down 4".
If the door rotted out then there's a good chance that the jambs are not in good shape either. look for a prehung door.

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Have you checked craigslist? or maybe even e-bay? Trying to find a door to your size can be a real pain. Good luck!

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