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jannieMay 25, 2006

Do you ever see something lying on the floor that you just don't know what it is but it must be something important? Like a screw, it must have fallen out of something, maybe it was holding something together. Or a plastic door that looks like it came off the battery compartment of a remote control? What do you do with these things? I put all of them on a shelf in my bedroom. Then when I notice the leg on the coffee table is loose or the downstairs TV remote is missing batteries, I know where the part is!

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Happens all the time. That's what the junk drawer is for!
But sadly I don't have enough actual drawers for a junk drawer, so my "junk drawer" is a basket in the study.

I currently am pondering the origin of a small wooden piece that looks like it should be the leg of something. To make it more interesting, it'd stained a dark blue/purple. No idea what it's for. I'll keep it for a while, at least until the junk drawer gets full and needs purging.

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LOL, those are the things I obliviously vacuum up and then panic because what if it was something important? So far, I think these small mystery pieces have been mainly Legos, and I haven't found anything lacking screws or small parts in a long time.

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The only things I vacuum up are pennies and bobbie pins, because my girls are now teenagers. I once vacuumed up a Bic pen. It got stuck and caused the biggest clog in my hose!

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This happens to me all the time. I think I've kept things for years, just in case. Sad, I know. They start off in my junk drawer, then eventually get moved to a box where the tools are in the hall closet.

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Goes to a plate I keep on top of the microwave. Sometimes it takes a month before I pitch it and sometimes a year. I must never find the battery covers for the remotes or games. All of ours have duct tape holding in the batteries. sigh.

I no longer allow myself to have a true junk drawer because I just just filled it up with, gasp!, tons of junk!


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This reminds me of the time I was visiting my sister--she had to run off for something or other--I was needing a rubber band. I went into her junk drawer and found a whole slew of every imaginable kind of rubber band. Some were too old to be any good--so I threw them out and separated the good ones into categories and then put them into zip lock bags.

Time was going by and I was getting bored. I decided I would surprise her by straightening her junk drawer. She had these tie bag things scattered all over her junk drawer. I gathered up a small bunch and secured them all with a rubber band, and threw most of them away. Thinking--with all these ties in this drawer, they're just in your way.

Later that day, dear sissy went into her junk drawer and let out a scream--I should have known that ol sis had a thing for ties. I went into the garbage and recovered all the ties. Now I know where I get it--it's in the blood.

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I kept a leather medallion for YEARS and YEARS not knowing what it went to and finally decided to toss it. Sure enough, within months of tossing it, I finally found where it belonged. It had fallen off the leg of an antique table :(

Big mistake. Now I have a perpetual junk box. Should become an interesting conversation matter years after I depart this dear ol' earth.

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I hang rubber-bands on a doorknob in my kitchen. Everyone knows where to grab one. The old ones get dry and crusty,don't stretch or work well. I throw those out once in a while.

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The things I forget I had until we move. The movers pack them, each little tiny thing from the drawer wrapped in a whole sheet of packing paper. Such a joy to unpack them! I'm some have been accidently thrown out with the packing paper. The ones I need someday, no doubt.

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stephanie, I was once packed by professional movers and it was a nightmare afterwards. Every single butter dish top was wrapped in six sheets of packing material - all graduated - so you had to peel each sheet off. I ended up with more packing material than I had in items. The worst part? Tennis elbow for 2 solid years from all that unpacking. I was one shot away from scheduling surgery. Lucky for me that last shot did the trick.

This time I'm packing myself. It's much more organized than a professional would do and should be very simple to unpack.

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I have a "Parts & Pieces" basket.

I come across a mystery item and just toss it into the basket.

I keep it on top of a bookcase, so my kids don't go digging into it.

Amazing what one finds when one "shops" the basket. So many times it holds the missing part of something.


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