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marie26May 11, 2007

My DD who got married 1 1/2 years ago lives in another state thousands of miles away. Yesterday, she was talking about her wish list for her kitchen. Many of the items she wants are those that I have extras of and some that I don't use often enough (if ever) anymore.

The cost of shipping is so expensive that I don't know if it pays to send her these items.

What do you think?

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Seems cheaper and more ecologic to send her things than to buy new. How many pounds we talkin? Volume? Couple cubic feet or a refrigerator?

Any traveling going to happen between there and here? Easy enough to check a bag o' kitchen stuff or put in the car.

I'd also call the shipping places: UPS and any others, especially off name shippimg services, in the phone book and ask about bulk rates with no time needs.

Last long shot: if you or DD have a college or university nearby, there may be students heading that way who would be happy to take on a box or two for $. There are also services that have drivers drive cars to places. Maybe a piggyback could be negotiated?

Good luck.

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Celtic has some great suggestions.

I know my folks shipped heavy stuff ( a trunk including my typewriter w/ the cast-metal body, plus the bulk of my clothes) to me via Greyhound, when I was interning in NYC.

It was slow, but it got here just fine!

We did have to take it to the Greyhound station, and I had to pick it up from the Greyhound station; no door-to-door delivery.

Since speed is not the issue, that could make things much cheaper. Or a moving company might have space in a van.

Or, could she wait until one of you visits the other?

Here is a link that might be useful: Greyhound PackageXpress is your source for shipping oversized, heavy weight, freight at incredibly low rates

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oh, and if you go to ship them:

to keep them from banging into each other, etc., use styrofoam peanuts, BUT...

put them inside plastic bags, and tie them shut; then you won't need so many peanuts, and they'll be very effective. You can leave some open spaces in the corners between items, bcs the corralled peanuts between the big flat surfaces will keep them from shifting.

My folks & I packed my stuff in a footlocker from Target or somewhere. I used it for years. But a cardboard box, if solidly packed, ought to hold up w/ heavy stuff as well.

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We shipped by moving van from NJ to OR. Got rid of all the things my DD wanted from us (at least the stuff we could find in this messy house), plus the things she had chosen from my mom's estate. We got a discount on the van, and it was worth it.

I have a friend whose kids kept putting off taking their things to their own homes, so she just packed their possessions up and mailed them off as she had the energy and money. Cost her, but she gained a lot of free space, plus she was ahead of the game when she moved a few years later.

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What a nice gift you will send. Nothing better than getting some of mom's kitchen stuff.

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I had put together a "care" box for DGD and DD. This included the flower girl dress I had mentioned quite a while back plus books, etc. It was just one regular sized book box and that cost $19.00 with no tracking at the post office. I decided I'll take it to UPS instead so I'll at least have the tracking. With that in mind, these items will not be cheap to ship.

Unfortunately the only way I'll be seeing them is by airplane and at this time, we have no plans to go. The last time she visited me, she took home a large new griddle I had purchased but didn't like. She has put it to good use, though.

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