Moving sale?

donnagwdMay 20, 2012

Dh has now decided we should have a moving sale. In some ways, it's easier for him to give up things if he thinks he is receiving $$ for it. We cleaned out the garage yesterday decided what was "keep" and was was "sale" and they away a lot of stuff too. It's appealing in some ways - get someone else to carry off what we don't need and get a few dollars for it.

I told him we need to "price to sell," not to make money, and that I will set up a charitable pick up for what's left on the Monday after a Saturday sale if possible.

It really gave me the shakes, tho, to put the sale stuff back in the garage. I'm afraid he will renege on selling!

Any other advice? A dfriend is suggesting we use one of the estate sale companies - you can leave what you don't want in the house and they come in and sell it. We don't think we'll have all that many big items that would make it worthwhile for the estate sale co, and also, we need to repaint and repair and get our house on the market as soon as we're out.

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Before you go through the hassle of a yard sale, you might want to decide if it makes sense financially to donate the items and take a tax deduction.

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I think if the work and hassle of having a yard sale is the only thing that will motivate your DH to let go of stuff, go for it!!

The other thing that sometimes helps people let go of stuff is if they feel it's going "to a good home" (sort of like kittens).

You might be able to find someone to fake the "good home," especially if you won't be found out (and he won't start hoarding plastic containers because your "friend at work" might need more of them).

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Graywings, I'm a CPA IRL - if all things were equal and I could get someone to pick it all up I'd take the deduction in a heartbeat. OTOH, dh does find it easier to let go if he thinks he can sell something.

I go back and forth, hot and cold on it. I think the worst part is that I end up doing most of the prep...

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