House was lifted and turned!

dian57June 21, 2010

Our new neighbor stopped in this weekend while we were working on the house. An older lady who has lived next door since the 40's, she gave us some history.

Our house used to sit on a corner, facing a road. The town built a more convenient road to town about 1/4 mile away and everyone started using the new road. The old road was abandoned and the house now sat facing nothing but trees and brush.

The original owners had the entire house roated 45 degrees and reoriented the rooms in the house. The original front of the house became the back, the back door and windows were changed to have more curb appeal as they were now facing the main road.

This explains why you enter the house through dutch doors and are faced with the stairs to the basement. The lovely back door opens to the stairs leading to the second floor. The ceilings and floors also give clues to where old walls were removed. Very interesting.

The original owner is still alive (in his 80's) and she gave me his address, along with a picture of the house when it was originally constructed. I can't wait to write and see if he can provide more information!

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OMG, Diane, that has to be exciting. It does explain why the back looks like it had a driveway or entry coming up to it.
I remember all the photos of your house, and the curious angles.

I bet the original owner will be very happy to reminisce with you about this house. Perhaps you can call him and chat, since some folks his age do not use computers or have arthritis and cannot write. If it were me you called, I'd be so happy to know the new owner of my old house loved it as much as I did.

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wow, how cool to find that out. I would definitely try to get it touch with the original owner. And if possible, at his age, might be better and more enjoyable to just visit him in person.

Years ago I knocked on the door of the house my mother was raised in, and that my grandparents lived in for many years, and the owner was thrilled to learn about the past of her house.

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The house is in New York and the original owner relocated years ago to New Hampshire to be near his son. I'll write and see how that goes. I may consider a trip north if he is as receptive as the owners of the house your mother was raised in. There are so many personal touches in this house, I imagine he loved it as much as we do.

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