Need a "translation" of these colonial tools

enmnmJune 23, 2013

I am trying to decipher a 1750 Pennsylvania Dutch estate inventory. There are two items listed with the rest of the tools that I cannot figure out. In between the Geests (Kistes=crates) and the ax are:

Cople Prakes
pare of Stokings

The "P" is likely a "B", and the next entry is a grindstone. I really don't think a pair of stockings would be found in the tool shed. Do these mean anything to you?



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"Pennsylvania Dutch" was heavily contaminated with English

I would see the first term as a "couple of brakes": A toothed instrument used for crushing flax and hemp. (search for "flax brake" to see what I mean)

The other is a "pair of stockings": I don't have a problem with the tool shed having a pair of heavy leather or woollen stockings or leggings used as shin guards and clothing protectors by the gardeners.

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That makes total sense, because the next few items are a comb and heckel. Thanks! I never would have found that on my own.

Also in the toolshed is a Booke and something that looks like a "par of mull carts." Why would a book be there? And a mull cart...which could mean peat cart, but I would have thought that is more a scotch-irish term and while there were scotch-irish in the area, the people valuing the inventory were from the Palatine.

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Could they be "mule carts"?

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maybe pair of wool cards?

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WOOL CARDS! Yes! Woohoo!

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