'after decades in storage'

talley_sue_nycMay 22, 2007

Color photographs from 1908 recently surfaced, donated to a museum by the elderly woman whose mother originally owned them.

Some of the lines from the story that struck me as interesting, given our determination to get rid of stuff, or to stop storing it and start using it:

Almost as intriguing as the pictures themselves, however, is the story of how they recently made their way from a house in Buffalo, where they apparently sat unseen for decades, to the collection of the George Eastman House in Rochester...


Mr. Plache, speaking on behalf of Mrs. Albright, said that she was unable to conduct an interview about the photographs, which probably came into her possession after her motherÂs death in 1939. But as far as anyone associated with Mrs. Albright knows, she never displayed them and they were kept in a cupboard or closet in her house for decades. It is unclear whether she knew that two of the plates were Steichen photographs and not works by her mother.

Mr. Bannon said that because the photographs had sat for so long out of the light, their colors remained particularly vivid. "TheyÂre in just as perfect a shape as you could expect from something from almost a century ago," he said.


But prolonged exposure to light can wash out the images. After Eastman House displays the pictures they will be returned to storage.


Here is a link that might be useful: the NYTimes article (you may have to register, but it's free)

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I think it's ok to store some things that we specifically enjoy or particularly those things that are truly not replaceable. Pictures are something I'll always save. They are snapshots (sorry, can't think of a better word) of a particular moment in time. For the most part, the events of that exact moment cannot or will not be replicated. The problem with storing or 'clutter' is when the stored items start to take over your life and you can't function. This lady preserved something something that the rest of us can enjoy. Hopefully, she got some enjoyment from it too.

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My Mom was the family historian for both sides of my family. She kept all the photos, wedding and other announcements, and extensive genealogical data. Now my sister has these. They may get looked at once every 5 years, but we're all glad they're around somewhere.

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When my own grandmother died in 1963, my mother found a box of old family photographs from the early 1900's. they were not labelled, but she was sure they are relatives. Mom is now 83 andtill has that box and I'm sure it will pass to me soon.as I'm . the oldest daughter. Maybe I'll be famous if I donate them to such a museum.

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I inherited a yearbook from my grandmother's high school--but not her year; she had already graduated.

I couldn't bring myself to toss it, so I looked up her county on the Internet, and found a historical museum. I mailed to them, unsolicited, and got a nice note back; they only had one from that year and were very pleased to get a spare.

My good deed for the week.

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