Duh! Why didn't I think of that before!?

des_arc_ya_yaMay 19, 2010

Our back door from our bedroom goes out onto a small deck where I have fed the birds and squirrels all winter. All winter I have had a huge sack of feed in the floor by the back door. Of course, occasionally I've dropped food on the way out and then have to clean it up. Finally the other day I went and bought a container with a locking lid. It's exactly the right size to hold the food and the metal dipper that I use to scoop with. It's too heavy for something to turn it over (I tried!) and even if they did, the lid will not come loose and let it spill.

Such a simple solution to a messy organizing problem! Why didn't I do that months ago!?

What kinds of things have you thought of lately that make life easier for you? It may be just the answer that some of us are needing!

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NOW the first post finally shows up! LOL

Sorry for the duplication. Just reply to the other one, if you'd like! LOL

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