Christmas by the Month - May

jamie_mtMay 3, 2005

Can you feel it? That's right, the slowing-down of our forward Christmas-planning momentum as we move into spring and brighter days! Don't let it grind to a halt! LOL

I'm not doing so well on my christmas projects - so I need to get caught up this month! Here are my goals for this month with regards to christmas planning:

1. Crochet at least two more squares for dad's afghan.

2. Finish the placemat/napkin set I'm working on now.

3. Finalize my plans for what I'm making, and who I'll be buying gifts for this year, so I can plan out the rest of my projects.

That's all for me - plenty to do with a busy month ahead. What will you do to get organized for Christmas 2005 this month? :-)

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Moving this down for now... :-)

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Jamie, what kind of afghan are you making for your Dad?

I finished knitting the striped stocking hat for my brother that matches the afghan I made for him last year. Now I'm sewing in the many ends and have to make a tassel.

My mother even asked me, "Did you start my vest yet?"
Ashamedly, I said no.

I do have more done on my daughter-in-law's Christmas present, a lacy scarf made of kid mohair, not that that's an excuse.

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Oooh, I really need to pay my GW dues, don't I?

Met April's goals. I should probably keep May's easy as well.

Finish sister socks, block and put away.

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Well done, ladies - moving along, slowly but surely!

Wendy, the afghan will just be square blocks of black, red, and blue chenille - very soft and cozy. :-)

I haven't had much time to work on it recently though - my mom needed some things made for her, so we're working on those at the moment. (Gift bags for her volunteer "end of the year" gifts)

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Wow! This is my first visit here and I am impressed by all of you! I love the idea of prepping to Christmas month by month, but I'm so far behind on the yard and garden that I can't imagine it right now. Still, you have all inspired me! Thanks! Kris

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