OK, tell me about your name Part II

psyoheFebruary 26, 2014

I am slow in finding this thread. I don't know how I missed it.

Peke comes from the three "pekes" (Pekingese dogs) I have been a servant to. You don't own a peek.... they own you and somehow you are allowed to live in their home and wait on them hand and foot. It must be from their days in the Chinese emperor's palace. It is genetic.

Snickers blends in with her dog bed. In this picture she has just finished rolling around the floor while inside the bed. She sort of looked like a hamster in a ball. She earns her keep by entertaining us with the crazy things she does.


By the way, when I type PEKE it changes to PEEK, so I have to check it before I post. PEEK would not be a name I would like to explain! LOL

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I need to find the old thread. I have wondered about the names, too-- have thought of asking the same question!

Mine is not what it appears. It's a combo of my initials that looks like a name, plus a geographical note-- I'm not Lori, but I am in the NW!

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Holly- Kay

Hi Peke! I am so glad you found the original as your name is one of the ones I wondered about. I should have known that it was for your pupsters.

I have a Yorkie and a Havanese and by darned I think they must have come from Chinese emperors also because they get waited on hand and foot as well.

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Here's the link to Part I.
Annie, I thought you had such an elegant, ?French name & thought how lucky to have such a beautiful name. Never saw "any day now."
My name is Rosemary & my Mom's name is Rosemary. She didn't like being "Big Rosemary" so Romy is my nickname. 718 is my birthday.
I'd be interested to know about lcskaisgir, as I haven't been able to associate it with anything that helps me remember how to spell it.
Beekeeperswife, so you really do have bees?

Here is a link that might be useful: OK, tell me your name Part I

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I thought that was a fun thread. My boopadaboo is gone now as of a week ago. I am so sad. :( So I am going to post another picture....

Sadie my siamese passed a few years ago and now Boopadaboo my brown cat too last week. they were the noisy ones. It seems so quiet now in the house (aside from the two kids of course ;) ).

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Sorry about your Boop, Boop. Sad when they go.

Tibbrix is a combo of my dog when I was a kid (Tib, from the "Betsy, Tacy & Tib" books, and Brixton, one of my favorite charges (I'm a dog sitter) who had an amazing personality - he actually smiled and hugged - and died way too young, at age 6 from ,what else, cancer.

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It's my height...

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Mine is just from a SUV we owned at the time I signed up, a Volvo XC60. I usually am Breezygirl on most forums I belong to but the name was already taken here on GW.

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My name is Julie, and friends and family call me jules, juju (especially nieces and nephews) and jujubean.

I like to think I emit good juju! ;) I was born in '71.

I didn't know until recently that the word jujubean can be an identifier for a Jewish person, and also according to urban dictionary "a nice Puerto Rican girl with a fat a$$." I'm neither Jewish nor Puerto Rican, but I the a$$ descriptor may apply.

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zackey is my cat's name. I tried to put in zackeysmom and failed. Sorry about your kitties. It's like losing a best friend to me.

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mine is the name they tacked onto me that year

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like boopadoo, meet the real maggie, aka maggiepie who has been my online alias since we got her as a puppy in november (11) 1999. She is no longer with us since nov 2012 - i can't believe it's been over a year. :( i miss you maggie girl. xoxo

my name is rebecca, but i gladly answer to maggie!

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Yep, another pet inspired name. We had a dog named Echo, her nickname was Echobelly, due to her large belly that echoed if you played drums on it.

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In part from my dogs name "Cammy" and I am in NC. I might change it at some point as I am sometimes being confused as camlan (i think thats it).

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Mine is the reason I joined GW.

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lol, decordummy.

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Great names and stories!

My favorite, favorite vacations are photo safaris in Africa. They are quite civilized as you stop the game drive, the guides pull out a small table (and a tablecloth) and set up a bar (or the hood of the landrover) with snacks and you have cocktails while watching the sunset. Sundowners mean you've just spent another great day in Africa. :)

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I'm always envious of the people's creativity when picking names.
I have 2 careers. The second one is a pursuit of my passion which I do part time as the income would never support me. It's truly one of those "jobs" where one gets back much more than they give. I work part-time as a massage therapist, and massage is amazing.

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I posted on the other thread, but mine is pretty easy to figure out. It's where I'd rather be most of the time. Almost all our vacations are to somewhere we can 'do' things outdoors...ski, hike, raft...you get the idea. We do have some lazy down-time too but just enjoy the outdoors.

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Mine is an acronym. I was trying to add more curb appeal and trying out front door colors.

Man, This New Red Door Really Evokes Decidedly Unnatural X-rated-ness

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Love all the pet names!

My screen name is boring. My name is Ann, and KH are my initials.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I always thought it stood for:

May The Next Renovation Design Reveal an Excellent Dwelling Utterly Xenial

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far away someone gave me that user name.Being uncreative at the time I joined gardenweb, I used that name.

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Well, of course, that is a very common interpretation, which is why I thought I would clarify.

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I joined GW to lurk on the kitchens forum and ask a few quick questions about a big addition/renovation we did (in Arlington, Viginia). We've been back in the house a year, though, and here I still am.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Ah, I see...I'll watch out for that red door!

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rtwilliams my last name and the initials of my husband and myself. If I join anymore forums I will be more creative in picking my username.

Seems that my username gives the impression that I am male to some. I do sign as RT sometimes. I think of myself as Artie.

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I have two sisters. Bet nobody figured that out!

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I had never chosen very creative screen names for other forums so before joining here I thought long and hard and came up with what I thought was an original name. Of course it was taken as were my next 10 choices or so. So because I was tired of thinking I kept it simple! LOL

I don't really believe in the concept of 'luck' as sometimes defined altho do feel very fortunate for much in my life. I do like the quote by Thomas Jefferson tho - "IâÂÂm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it".

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Patty cake, patty cake....Mom......thought it was cute, but it became patty cakes instead. Short for Patricia, friends/family call me Patty. Trish for awhile, since there was another Patty in the workplace. I liked Trish better, but it didn't 'stick'. Youngest DD is Tricia, my namesake. ;)

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My name came from a combination of many things - Last name begins with a P (could be sounded out as Pea). Started in kitchen forum when I needed help for tiny galley kitchen in beach cottage on an island. This cottage is sometimes known as The Pea Pod and has wild beach peas growing everywhere...The #3 = our three Doodles (Australian Labradoodles)

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I used to use my maiden name as my screen name but it is a fairly uncommon surname. I've seen it as a first name sometimes when I've googled it, but in any case, after some stalking of other friends on a different message board, I realized that people could figure out who I was based on some of the personal info I'd shared (my first name, the state I lived in) so I stopped using that name.

My new screen name is pretty self explanatory...I have four kids. And I no longer share my first name. Funny story though, on a different decorating website, someone mentioned the town she lived in. Based on a few other things she said, I figured she lived somewhere nearby...turns out she lives in my neighborhood tho we'd never met. After we each described (offline) our home exteriors, she stopped by one day while out for a walk and now we are friends!

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I loved reading about your names on this thread! For years on GW I was simply Ttodd then I determined that I had multiple user names on various sites and I couldn't remember them all.

A few yrs ago when my mom was diagnosed w/ lung cancer I was forced to think about death and began rethinking my life and what I was doing for my happiness and the happiness of others around me. I made a conscious decision to stop talking about painting furniture again and pursuing a dream of a small business, writing and a blog. I chose the name TheFoxesPad to describe my family, my love of home and a business name that could be played w/ different ways to allow flexibility of whatever I wanted to sell or write about.

No, I do not think that I am a fox lol!

Fox: English meaning of Todd (my last name) is Fox. The hubs is English and Irish w/ a great love of literature so I married a man w/ visions of a great dark English library filled w/ books and foxes. I married into a family that takes the meaning of Todd very seriously and I wrapped my arms around it w/ wild abandon. Foxes can be found everywhere in my house, wardrobe and cards that I like to frame. The land that is in the hubs family was named Reynard Farm and his beer is called Reynard, meaning Red Fox in folklore.

Pad: Slang meaning home or one's living quarters

The Foxes Pad - The Todd's Home

So that's the story of my name.

Artist of above picture is Caroline Johansson

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This is simple....I love Bruce Springsteen!!!

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I started using CarolsSis as an email address to honor my sister after her death. Eventually evolved into my screen name too. Works for me. She was a grand person, so vivid.

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OldBat was taken so I settled for the next best thing. (I'lll get there!)

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My initials are P.G., and I love hydrangeas, particularly pee gee's; Paniculata Grandiflora. I suppose you could also say my life is rated PG....!

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What a great thread. Well, mine is pretty self-explanatory. I am the mother of 3 sons, but I need to add 3 dot-in-laws and Mimi to 5 wonderful and creative grandbabies.

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Lori_inthenw, I thought it said Lori in the new!

If you added a D after the NW...NeWD...oh my! Yes, I said it. I blame it on backsplash search fatigue. It is also 2:00 a.m. and time for me to go to sleep before I really say something bad.

Love the "names"... can't remember what they are called... aliases is all that comes to mind. ðÂÂÂ

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Peke, glad to know I'm not the only one with a naughty mind here. Your "lori_intheNeWD" reminds me of another thread in which someone was asking help naming their farm. A commenter suggested "Pheasant Plucker".

I response by suggesting people say that phrase ten times fast. And I couldn't blame backsplash search fatigue or being up at 2 a.m.!

Motherof3Sons, pic on a link someone put up here of a small cottage design. For you:

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My first name was taken so I used my middle name with the year that I joined when I was looking at refrigerators and found this site. I was also painting that year and found the decorating forum.

Having opinions from real people that want to help and not sell me anything is such a blessing. I feel like I know many of you from your posts. So many on this Kitchen Forum have amazing talent and are so helpful. I try to help whenever I can.

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Tibbrix - Thank you for sharing! I must agree with the quote.

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Thanks Peke, for your recommendation. I've always wondered how people pick their names. Mine is also pet-related. I found myself to be the mom of a stray pregnant cat about 8 yrs ago. Me, who had always hated cats and had always said I'd rather have an elephant in my house than a cat. Well, she was named Butterfinger by my daughter, and that name quickly morphed to Fing, among a few others. Her babies were named Nuggly (because he was so ugly as a newborn) and Snuggly (she was very cute and snuggly). I tried to get those babies adopted out, but we all fell in love with them...including me!...and couldn't bear the thought of trusting someone else to take good care of them. They stayed, their names morphed to Nug and Snug, and little ugly Nuggly is the most beautiful long-haired orange kitty with the personality of the sweetest angel! Our precious Butterfinger is no longer with us, and I think I cried the most when we lost her, because she taught me so much about opening my mind and heart to all possibilities. So that is my story of FingNugSnug!

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Well, I could tell you but then I'd have to...

Oh, wait. Have you ever heard of the WPP?
It's my name. Sort of.

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No creativity in choosing an alias, in fact I think I sat idle at the computer for a good half hour just trying to think of a name!

After reading these I could be: motherof2sonswhochoseafemaledogtotrytoevenup

Autumn is my favorite season of the year and there are 4 in my family (eek plus a doodle, better not tell her she's not included in my number as she is definitely part of the family).

Maggiepie and Lori_inthenw - I totally think of you as Maggie and Lori!

mtnrdredux-kept thinking short for mountain "rd?" re-do, couldn't figure out the rd......red door never crossed my mind.

raee-WPP? Nope.

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Mine is my name, although I go by the shortened version, and the grow part is that I like to garden & grow things, plus I wish I'd grow, since I'm 5 ft. tall !!

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Great thread! I always read mtnrdredux as mountain re-do as well! Love all the pet references as well.

Mine isn't as creative. We lived in Germany many years ago for my husband's job. Since he was already "taking" a job from a German, they would not give me a work permit. After arguing unsuccessfully that I needed a job as well, I watched the immigration officer write hausfrau as my occupation. Boy,was I mad at the time! As it turned out, that is exactly what I am now. Although I prefer stay at home mom, since housework (cleaning) is not my favorite!!

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I just love reading how everyone got their names. Looking forward to others replying.

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I just wanted a short, simple, easy to type quickly, easy to pronounce and remember name. Lynn is my real name . . . and then I screwed it up a bit by adding "inNewMexico" (LOL)! I love knowing what part of the country/world every poster is located, but didn't anticipate that many posters would type out the entire thing instead of just calling me "Lynn". I've been imploring everyone to do that ever since.

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Well, as you probably guessed, my name is Sheila. I tried to do Sheilaa (for middle initial) but that was taken. Somehow it prompted me to add US as I am in the US and the number got attached somehow I have no idea how or why.
I know a few people have thought I am Sheila in Australia, but no, I am Sheila A and I just realized where the numbers came from. There was a logic to it after all.

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