Asking Real Cooks-How to Clean Glass Window in Oven Door

amck2September 24, 2008

I was going to post on "Appliances" but since that's mostly about buying new, I thought I'd ask people here, who really cook, how I can best clean the glass window inside of my oven door.

I'm doing Thanksgiving here this year and I would be mortified for anyone to see the baked on grime on the door. My go-to microfiber cloths just aren't budging it.

I would like to use something that doesn't have harsh fumes that might kill me or my dogs, or is so strong that it will melt away the flesh on my fingers. I'm seriously nervous about using strong chemicals.

It's a dual fuel range - if that makes a difference.

Any tips?

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I use a sharp blade scraper's the only thing that gets it off..self clean doesn't work..I refuse to use I use a razor blade in a holder. And then my microfiber cloth to "pick up" the removals..LOL

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I use Easy Off Fume free because I dislike caustic/fumey chemicals to the point where I don't clean my oven with them....I just use it springly on pans. Terri, knowing my klutz skills, I'd scratch everything in sight with a razor.

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Fori is not pleased

Strategically hung dish towels?

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lol, fori.

How do you feel about Simple Green? Our local grocery stores carry it and so does Home Depot. The label says Non-Toxic Biodegradable. I would open the door and spray the window and let it sit for a while, then use the scraper.

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Don't do like I did a few years ago. I took the door off and then took it apart to clean the inside of the glass. Needless to say I was calling the repair man to put the door back on the oven. I got it put back together but could not get the door back on!

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"Strategically hung dish towels?"

That is classic!

I really have not had much of a problem keeping my window clean and believe me I do use my oven. I do a little scrubbing with an SOS pad and wipe clean. Works for me and looks real clean.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I don't know how it got that bad - whether it was one dish that really splattered while roasting, or if it's just built up over the past year without my taking note.

trixietx-It really does appear that some of the splatter is in between the inside and outside panes, but I will not try to take the door apart!LOL

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Just say NO to Simple Green! It may be non-toxic but it eats the lettering right off of my cooktop knobs! I'm finished using it.
But here's what I do to clean the glass door. Get some elbow grease ready, you'll need it!
First I put on the rubber gloves and soak a cloth in boiling water. Reserve more hot water for the next round. Ring out the cloth as much as you can so that drips of water don't run into your door. If they do they'll be stuck between the layers of glass later and you'll never get them out.
Do that two or three times and then get some Barkeeper's Friend and I barely moisten it and rub with a nylon scrubby (those orange and yellow things)that won't scratch the glass.
Repeat over and over until you have removed the grime. It's at that point that I remove the oven shelves and self clean.
It's a heck of a lot of work so I don't do it very often!

Here is a link that might be useful: Nylon Scrubby

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Can you rent or borrow a steamer? I've been amazed at. what I could get off with steaming and wiping and steaming and wiping. Do be careful though it's super hot.

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My philosophy is very simple: A clean oven door means that you can't/don't/won't cook. Since you do/will cook, let them know! If they look and don't like it, let the complainer clean it! I have dinner to put on the table.


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Have you tried baking soda?

Here is a link that might be useful: Baking Soda - Oven

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Peppi-Your post reminded me of something my mother (whose home has always been ship-shape)used to tell me when I was growing up.

She said you could tell a lot about people by whether or not their bathroom was clean and if their kitchen was spotless. A clean bathroom was a good thing, but a person with a pristine kitchen probably wasn't much of a cook. LOL

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I just cleaned mine last week. First I sprayed it with Dawn Power Dissolver and let it sit for half an hour or so, then I used a glass scraper to get the gunk off. I bought the glass scraper at the paint store for $1.99 I think.


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I'm in the razor blade paint scraper camp....that same tool you use to get dripped paint off a window.
Linda C

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Am I the only one who's ever gotten a whiff of Simple Green and had to go outside to have a coughing fit? Man, that stuff has got to be toxic. --Ilene

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I'd be very reluctant to use a razor blade on glass that will be exposed to high temperatures. Scratches make good starting places for thermal stress fractures.

I clean the inside of our oven door and window once a year, whether it needs it or not. I remove the door, take it outdoors, and clean it with the nasty version of Easy Off. I do this just before our DIL comes for Christmas dinner. I also temporarily remove the light bulb in the oven. (My cleaning of the rest of the oven interior consists nothing more than baking pizzas at 550º every saturday and periodically scraping out any noticeable chunks of burned crud with a plastic windshield ice scraper.)

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This is a great question!! How do you clean the glass thats in BETWEEN the doors? I have an oven with vent openinings in the door. Inevitably, a drip of something or other will go in one of the vents and smudge the glass from the inside.

It's like having a crooked picture hanging on the wall that you can't straighten! Drives me nuts!

We called Whirlpool and they said a technician would need to take the door apart, which of course costs $$$.

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I use the self-cleaning feature, does that not get the glass crud off? When I had an oven without the self-cleaning feature I used Arm & Hammer oven cleaner. It is considered to be non-toxic. Left it a warmed oven overnight it does a good job.

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Hi ilene_in_neok,

Gee, I have used Simple Green for years - since it came on the market (us Californians have to stick together) & have never noticed a problem. It is biodegradable & non-toxic. I'm sorry you're sensitive to it.

P.S. I have no business/family/money connection to SG. :)

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I 2nd the vote for Oven-Off. It is SOOOO easy, even on the glass. I spray the oven & glass, close the door, wait a few hours and just wipe it out - it literally dissolves all residue. I don't find the fumes noxious.


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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It really does work like...Magic!

Rinse well after using.

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Hmmm I like the idea of Easy Off, just don't want it dripping down into the door. I use it now on my cooktop as recomended by DCS to get some off some brown/burn stains. Thanks for the tip!

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This trick really works: turn oven on to low warm setting, so that the inside of the oven door gets warm/almost hot, but not hot. Spray the glass lightly with Formula409, wait a minute, and wipe. Something about the warmth and the Formula409 makes everything come off really easily. But it won't work for between-the-glass grime. I don't know how you'd get that off without taking the door apart. Does your oven's Instruction Manual say anything?

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To clean an oven:

Warm the oven to 65C. Turn it off, then spray the interior with a heavy duty kitchen cleaning liquid. Leave for 15 minutes, and wipe over with damp cloths.
While the oven is still warm after use and turned off, wipe over a paste of bicarbonate of soda and water. Leave overnight, then wipe clean with a stiff brush or scourer and very hot water.
Wash with straight herbal vinegar. Pour extra vinegar over burned-on areas, shut the oven door and leave for 2 hours. Then wipe off and rinse with a cloth dipped frequently in warm water. For extra-dirty areas, sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda onto the vinegar and leave overnight before cleaning off.

Wring out a cloth in warm water, dip in bicarbonate of soda and wipe over glass. Allow to dry, then buff with a soft cloth.

Dissolve 1/2 cup laundry detergent or automatic dish washing detergent in a laundry tub of hot water. Leave the shelves to soak a few hours or overnight.

Or you can use a product similar to the one we have in Australia called Napisan. It's original purpose was for soaking babies' cloth nappies (diapers), and as a laundry detergent booster, but I use it for many purposes. It's absolutely brilliant for cleaning greasy things. Tops of kitchen cupboards, clothes, burnt-on grease on saucepans, the filth that builds up under the fridge etc. I have a white kitchen sink (a nightmare!), and I use Napisan to soak stains off that, and I've used it on really grimy windows and frames, too. Excellent product, and it doesn't smell. I usually use a small nylon sponge-cum-scrubber with it. Doesn't scratch, but reduces the amount of elbow-grease needed.

Since I've been ill, I've been unable to do my own cleaning, and have had to get in professional cleaners, government-supplied, who are restricted by Health and Safety rules and regulations from using many products. My particular lady has begun using Napisan on a regular basis for many of her chores after seeing how effective it is.

Here is a link that might be useful: Napisan

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Careful with that Magic Eraser on glass - or ANYTHING shiny for that matter. It's abrasive enough to leave fine scratches!


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Gardengrl asked how to clean in BETWEEN the glass?
That was an issue for me too! Crud and DUST between the glass doors.
I took my door off of the oven, turned it so the "bottom" was facing upward and carefully steadied it against the cabinets. Took a long handled duster, stuck it down in that long "vent" area (where the danged dust/animal fuzz?)was accumulating and ran it back and forth. I then washed the duster off, went in again with it damp, ran it around again. It worked like a charm!
Don't try to take the glass apart! I stopped by our friends house and he'd done exactly that. Thought he'd help his wife out by cleaning in between the glass and couldn't get it back together. He'd called a repairman, I said let me at it! Finally between the both of us we shimmied and jimmied it back together again. Pain in the bahooty.

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Hmmmm...thanks Deborah; I'm going to try that. I had thought of making some sort of contraption with a coat hanger and a sponge attached to the end, but with my luck, the sponge would come off INSIDE the door and then I'd be really screwed!

Drives me nuts though! It's like having a huge smudge on a mirror that you can't wipe off.

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Magic Eraser is what I would suggest, too. My stove is 20 years old and for four years I scrubbed and scrubbed it with no results. I've tried all of the cleaners, with heat and without. Let it soak on for an hour or so. Then I gave up. One day I was cleaning the counters and had some stains so I grabbed my magic eraser. Thought about the stove and gave it yet another shot. It worked, but with some elbow grease. It took me 3 magic erasers to clean it, but it is now unbelievable clean :) It can't get rid of age, but it can get rid of grime!! Christy

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I have used a long metal ruler or coat hanger with a piece of pantyhose wrapped around it and squirted with some glass cleaner. It worked fairly well. The pantyhose needs to totally cover the ruler so you can still pull it out.

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OMG! I read the lady that said her husband is the bomb!I took my dryer vent cleaner and wrapped a rag around it and taped it so it won't slide off. Then lay on the floor take the bottom draw out. In the bottom of the door are two large opening slide the vent cleaner with a rag and windex if real dirty use a cleaner first. Works like a charm!

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Formula 409 "degreaser"? Fail

Window Cleaner with Vinegar? Fail

Window Cleaner with Ammonia? Fail

Razor Blade. Fail, pretty much.

Ecover Cream Scrub - TOTAL AND COMPLETE SUCCESS, NO SWEAT, NO MUSS, NO FUSS. This is the stuff. I was amazed at how well this non-toxic stuff worked. It's the grit that does it, I'm sure.

I assume something like Bon Ami would work, too, tho be careful, it might scratch the glass. Try it in a corner first.

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