What is my house?

dpubluedemonJune 8, 2008

I am having a hard time trying to figure out the architectural style of my house and what things I can do to it for exterior remodeling. The house was built in 1967. Any ideas?

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60's contemporary? I don't really know what, if any, name you'd call it, but I know I like it a lot! What I might consider doing would be a new finish on the shingles (replace shingles with other material) that I'd also use on the balcony and window trim. I say 'finish', because I wouldn't suggest necessarily painting it a bright color or anything, but maybe some kind of richer (though not dark) stain, or even a rather shiny coat of a brushed metallic (copper?) or grayed look that would blend, but give a new little kick to things. Or, of course, you could just paint the rest a new color (incl'g the garage).

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Cool house!

If I owned it, I would:

Replace the asphalt shingle siding with another material, perhaps dark grey (or copper) metal. If that was too expensive, you could use cedar shingles instead.

Paint the entire house a dark charcoal grey, almost black, including the porch railing and all trim.

Stain the retaining wall a very dark brown to clean it up and make it less obvious. Fill the planters with ornamental grasses. Plant a Japanese Maple at the very top, at the outer corner, to screen the balcony from the street.

Plant a big clump of ornmental grass on the left hand side of the driveway, close to the street, to frame the view of the house.

Paint the entry door in an accent color, like terracotta or creamy green, to make it a focal point.

Trim the bushes that hide the front door.

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i believe this is a modern style house (that's what they called em). houses like this in the 70s often had big op- art house numbers...that might be fun. and really bright colored front doors, like orange. i would paint the cinder block wall to match the house.

as far as the railing, what you have looks more like a deck railing and IMO really takes away from the style of the rest of the house. i think actually a solid railing with shingles that match the shingled portion (might put new matching shingles on both a new railing and the front). i think the suggestions of ornamental grass and/or japanese maple are both good. i wouldn't plant any flowers...
good luck!

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I did have it in mind to stain the retaining wall a very dark brown color as well

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Contemporary of course!

The PorchGuy

Here is a link that might be useful: My Album

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