Air Krete

bobleyJune 7, 2008

Anyone used this? Any general thoughts on this versus blown cellulose insulation?

For the attic, what about blown cellulose versus greener denim/wool options?

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Be careful. I have heard that it can crumble, if the wall is hit with a hammer for instance. I would ask about this specifically and get something in writing. It could be that they have changed their formula in the last decade and fixed this problem.

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Interesting. If the cement based products crumble and the cellulose products can cause moisture problems in older homes, isn't one better off just leaving the walls uninsulated, but well sealed for infiltration by closing up any air leaks.

Is it possible to do any electrical work in the walls once one blows in any form of insulation? I would think you would then have to cut walls open instead of pulling wires.

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Really not a problem. If a major renovation is going on, then yes it might break and crumble a bit. But if left alone then it will not break down.

If someone hits a window with a hammer, then the window will break, maybe we shouldn't use glass in windows?

I have had work done on my roof, and siding, the airkrete was still there after the work was done (hammering, and building a gable end on the hip roof end). I have had clients do windows after insulating with no problems. If you want to damage it, you can, but it won't just fall apart

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Greenbuilding Advisor noted problems with crumbling AirKrete last year.

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