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ellenjMay 10, 2009

My regular job has me off for the summer. I work at a large University and our dept shuts down from June 15-Aug 15 when we don't really have students around. My position is unpaid during those months, as I'm hourly not salary and we can't collect unemployment during that time.

I really like organizing and cleaning (weird, I know). Do you think I could earn extra cash during the summer helping others get their homes prepared to sell? I know when we sold our previous house about 5 years ago it was tons of work. I made good use of a rented storage space and also trashed alot. I now know I only keep things I really need, not just saving for someday. I learned I can also get another *** (insert stupid thing you have been saving for 10+ years just in case).

It wouldn't have to be for big bucks.

Also, how would you word such a thing in some sort of advertisement?

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Not sure how to word the ad, but you might try posting it around your university. Since summer is a quieter time in academia, lots of people will have summer organizing projects in mind--both at home and in their offices.

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i think it is a great other area that you might find your talents useful is with older folks..light housekeeping and care and organizing..they usually have organizations that hire for this type of work..and it could have a variety of things..

in Mich it is called commission or council on aging..

a big call for this type of work

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You might also think about whether this would work: Calling some real estate agents and trying to persuade them to pass your business flier (uh, once you come up with one! lol!) on to anybody who's listed a house with them.

Here's an idea for a flier:
"Overwhelmed by Stuff?"
"Organized, deadline-oriented sorter and cleaner will help you reclaim the house you love by finding other homes for the stuff you don't.
By the hour, or by the project:
--Garages, pantries, basements, bathrooms, fall rental units.
I'm off for the summer from my job at the University of Whatever and can make your home shine!
Call xxx for a free consultation at your home."

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I vote for the real-estate agent route as well.

I love PammyFay's wording.

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I love that! I'm going to start working on it today! I will advertise at our University and in my neighborhood, which is just chock full of the elderly!

Thanks so much!

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