Source for transparent shirt storage bags for closet?

soleil1May 8, 2010

Hi, am hoping someone here can help me. The closet is totally empty and ready to be organized. I'm looking for transparent plastic/vinyl zippered bags for shirts. Suit bags are too long to fit in the closet, but that is the style I'm looking for - a bag that can hold multiple garments on hangers and hang from a closet rod. About 34 to 36 inches long or so, and strong enough to be zipped and unzipped daily or weekly. Container Store has the perfect suit bag, but they don't make a shorter version for shirts.

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If there is such a thing it would be in a specialty store. I don't imagine there is much call for shirt storage bags. Suits need to be dry cleaned and in addition some are not worn often. Shirts are washable and are worn often. Most people just hang them in the closet as is.

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Thanks for your reply OP. Yes, those items are cleaned, but insects don't care if the item is clean or not. I have suits and sweaters that could be hung on that side of the closet, and would easily fit in a shorter bag if one were available. Shirt bag is more of a reference to the length (perhaps more relevant to closets with split layouts and two sets of rods one above the other), not the use. An ounce of prevention...

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Alter the suit bag,

Clear duct tape and scissors for the plastic - cut the plastic and seal it back up with the duct tape.

Close the zipper, cut it a bit below where you want it, and whip-stitch over the teeth so it doesn't come all unzipped.

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Just inspected the existing suit bags - LG's idea is definitely do-able, thanks! But still hoping that someone has a retail source! Putting the closet back together after completely emptying it has not been fun, so motivation for this project is low. If no one knows of a source for shorter bags, just may have to re-engineer some of those Container Store suit bags. The suit bag has fabric tape around all the seams, so I could probably remove it using a seam ripper, cut and resew.

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This isn't what you asked for, but would the shoulder cover bags work for you?

Here is a link that might be useful: Shoulder covers

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GW, thanks for the reply. Am looking for something that totally encloses the garments, clear, zippered and can be hung from a closet rod in a space that is only about 37 inches tall (one side of the closet has two areas for hanging clothes, one above the other - perfect for shirts and sweaters, but too short for suit bags). I've included a link to the Container Store's suit bags, which is what I'm looking for, but at 42" they're too long :(

Here is a link that might be useful: Container Store suit bag example:

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Is there no way to deal with the insect problem that's driving this search for bags?

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If you have a hanger poking out of a hole in the top of that plastic bag, bugs are going to get in.

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If your goal is to deter fabric-munching insects, you might consider partially lining your closet with cedar. It is much easier than I thought it would be. You do not have to totally line the closet in cedar, just a little bit ought to be enough to repel insects. I went to HD and bought two sheets of 4x8 cedar particle board. I had them cut it in half for me so I had 4 pieces of 4x4 particle board. That made it easier to get into the car and for me to handle. I merely leaned it against the wall behind the clothes. Turned my extra closet into a cedar closet with little effort and not much cost!

The only caveat is you need to lightly sand the surface of the wood about once a year to refresh the cedar. A foam sanding block and about 10 minutes per sheet does the trick!

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