Rope weatherstripping/insulation in doorway?

nikolattaJune 6, 2013

Hi all,

We are replacing a quite ugly door in my 1929 Spanish-style bungalow in San Diego with a newer door. The one we are removing is not original to the house, but the door frame and molding is. I was trying to clean it up in preparation for working on the door tomorrow when I realized that there is a cord wrapped in fabric and completely painted over on one side of the door stop. The same thing seems to be present between the door frame and the security door (also ugly and hopefully will be removed soon). I think this may be weatherstripping, although it doesn't actually seal against the current door. Any ideas? Is there any chance this is asbestos rope? Finally, any suggestions regarding how i can remove the painted on cloth and rope to prepare the frame for painting?

Thanks for your help!!!!

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It's not likely to be "asbestos" rope (used mostly to seal heated cavities like furnace doors.) I know it gets hot as an oven in CA, but only metaphorically.

If you're sure you don't want, just cut it off. You'll need some very tough, sharp blades - and be careful while doing it. You might also be able to disassemble the framing enough to get at it.

But maybe it serves some purpose. If cutting it off leaves an irremediable ragged edge, you could install a tiny quarter round bead of over the raggedness; paint to match and it will disappear.



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Primitive weatherstripping, probably. I found some in various houses.

Remove it, and if it leaves ugly gaps, use foam rod (pencil to bigger than thumb sized foam used to fill deep gaps before caulking) to block the cavity and then caulk and then put molding over it.

and then weatherstrip the new door.

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