What to do about master closet??

vivachickMay 5, 2009

My husband and I really like the "wood" closet organizers (Not a fan of the wire systems). We have 2 master closets, both are approx 9x7 squares. We received a quote of $1500/closet for a custom built system. Does this seem like a reasonable/good price? We're also considering building our own from Closetmaid at Lowes, but it doesn't seem like it would come out much cheaper.

Question is- we have no Container store and no Ikea for over 5 hours from home. I hate to drive out to Ikea or Container store if the cost wouldn't come out much lower than $1500 a closet.

Do we pay the $1500/closet for a 9x7 or do you think we could save a lot by doing the Closet Maid or driving to Ikea?

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It really depends on what pieces you're putting in- if you're looking at something with doors and drawers and slide outs, Ikea may be about the same cost.

You can download their planner and get the actual cost for your design.

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My master closet is the same size and I did the system from Lowe's a couple of years ago (wood, not the wire) for about $500.00. I put in 3 floor-to-ceiling shelving units and I have seven poles for hanging clothes. I didn't need drawers or area's for shoes so it made it a bit easier. If you're looking to save money I would bet you'd save a good $1000.00 altogether doing it yourself.

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Thanks guys - I will try the planner from Ikea. We weren't looking for shoes or many drawers or doors.. mostly just nice racks for hanging clothes. I would think $1500 is a lot for just that!

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You also must factor in this variable: Are you and your husband handy doing the self-install? They're not terribly difficult, but some people just don't have the patience for it, and you two certainly don't want to end up yelling at each other.

Also: Who did the quote come from?

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I'm just dying to see how much this revolving coat rack (dry cleaner style) costs on Craigslist.

Here is a link that might be useful: revolving coat rack

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I got another quote yesterday night and I think we're going to go with it! It seems all closet organizing companies around here use 3/4 inch laminate. They all use the same rods, they all are licensed, they all have a lifetime warranty. Honestly after checking them all out with the BBB and my local contractors boards it seems prudent to just go with the lowest priced one - given the materials all seem the same.

I got a quote last night for $1000/closet (including install, tax, and demo work) and they aren't charging extra to get dark "wood" (laminate), which is what I've been wanting all along. I will let you guys know how it goes, but $1000 per closet seems worth it to save myself the headache of installing it myself!

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Personally I do not like those "wood" closet systems as they are really particle boardÂwood particles and glue. The stink can linger for months and permeate your clothes and house. We are dealing with that with our kitchen cabinets right now; the exteriors are a beautiful maple, but they have those crappy particle board interiors (standard in California until you get into a multimillion dollar home); this house was built several months ago and the interiors of those cabinets still stink to high heaven. Other people I know who have those "wood" closets also complain about the stink. ItÂs truly Buyer BewareÂthe cheaper the particle board product, the more likely you are going to have a stink problem.

Moreover, once the system is installed, you are stuck with it FOREVER. If your needs change or you decide you donÂt like the configurationÂtoo bad for you. In our last two homes we had the built-ins-and I hated them with a passion because you couldnÂt adjust them to your needs.

At the end of March we moved into a new home. This time we installed the Container StoreÂs Elfa system in our master closet. WeÂve already added to it and changed it around to suit our needs. We love it so much we installed it in the two other bedrooms and in the garage.

Before we installed it in the master, we painted the walls a beautiful steel blue/grey. Our floors in the master bedroom and closet are a dark espresso brown maple distressed wood, so we used the Elfa walnut accent pieces, solid shelves, and the platinum hardwareÂeveryone who has walked into our closest has been blown away at how beautiful it looks. Not only is it organized to the nines, but the closet is down right elegant. And it doesnÂt stink.

We have a 12 ft by 7 ft closet with 9 ft ceiling. We essentially went from floor to ceiling and used every inch of space (my husband is the clotheshorse not me; he has more than 40 dress shirts hanging; additional shirts folded and still more hanging in the back bedroomÂnot to mention suits, slacks, chinos, polos, sweaters, and shoes!) We spent about $2,300 (on sale); we paid a drywall guy (referred by our builder) a couple hundred bucks to rip out all the existing poles and shelves and repair the walls before we painted.

The "wood" closet companies in our area (Southern California, Orange County) charge about $4,000 for a closet our size. We are very happy with the Elfa system as it is a superior system that we can change around as we please, doesnÂt stink up our house, and costs a lot less than the non-versatile "wood" built in.

You can plan an Elfa closet online and have an Elfa specialist contact you to complete the planning over the phone. Best of all, if you take delivery and decide you really donÂt want this system, itÂs all returnableÂjust try returning your "wood" system if you donÂt like itÂI guarantee the "wood" closet company wonÂt take it back.

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