Weekly trash challenge

marie26May 30, 2006

It seems that many of us have problems with having too full a trash can on garbage day when decluttering. But, at least for me, on those weeks I'm not decluttering, my trash can is only 1/2 full.

My challenge is to make sure that the trash can is always full when I take it out to the curb. This will force me to at least declutter something in the house or garage each week.

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I finally got in the habit of doing trash patrol on Wednesdays, since our trash pick-up is on Thursday. We have 14 rooms (including bathrooms) with trash cans in them. Now, I go around and empty all of those half full cans into a bag. Fills up quick. It also reminds me to chuck that newspaper I haven't gotten to or those two month old magazines I will not read anytime soon.

I also try and do the fridge clean out right before trash day. I can put most of the food stuff in the compost pile, but there always seems to be so many containers that I can't use.

Last week was the first week in a long time we haven't had to pay for an extra bag pick-up.


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